Help! Has my blog been hacked?

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    Hello people,

    Has my blog been hijacked? Or just my computer?

    I tried to log into my wordpress blog lettershometoyou just now on my laptop and I was directed to a blog called “analyst”

    I could see the dashboard for analyst, not my blog!

    I typed a comment into one of my posts and it went for moderation to my email

    the author analyst supposedly has an IP of xxx then it says xxx

    it also gives an email address as [removed – Mark]

    Any advice on what to do?

    I have logged in under a separate computer, running virus check on the one I normally blog from, and have been advised to delete all cookies.

    Anyone else ever run into this problem?



    Delete all that and send in a email to support at wordpress dot com with the details.

    You don’t want to publish anything like that up there. Just to be on teh safe side.




    Who tagged this with modlook? What part of “We don’t have any real mods” is not understood?



    hmm…. well, it probably just happened because of a partial system failure on your computer. but… Hacking is a big possibilty. Keep your gaurd up.



    All is good. Sorry for the problem.

    For reference I have the modlook feed which updates every 15 minutes. I think that’s often enough.


    OK, I’ve sent in a report to wordpress dot com. I don’t see an edit field for my original forum post. How do I delete what I wrote up there?



    There’s only 10 minutes after posting during which you can edit a post you have made in the forum. In this case that time frame has expired so you can’t do that now.



    now you can’t, lettershometoyou — ‘Edit’ link is active during 5-10 minutes after post has been submitted only.

    Mark, would you please remove IP and e-mail from OP.


    Oh well. I was on the phone to my IT-whiz bro’ just a swim toward the city from you…

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see what wp support says.

    Thanks for all the help meantime!



    @options – thanks :)


    Just hit the link given by salamandrine. I was using firefox as well, OS is WinXP.


    OK, now this is too weird. I just checked my dashboard and there was a comment awaiting moderation. Guess what? It’s the comment I typed in desperation telling anyone who might see it to inform wordpress. It shows the author as “analyst” with the IP and other details as I (mistakenly – sorry!) gave above.

    might this have *anything* to do with the fact my blog has 10 times the usual number of hits today, thanks to a blogger linking to one of my previous posts? I mean, it was nice to see the stat chart jump like a grasshopper on ‘roids, but this latest is a bit of a drag…

    thanks for removing that stuff btw.


    I don’t know whether or not you can mark this as resolved or not, because although I can now get back into my blog OK, I have no idea whether or not it will happen again.

    Still no response from support at wordpress point com, but they must get thousands a day.



    They do, but Mark, who posted in this thread, is THE support guy, so don’t worry, he’s on it. I hope this is permanently fixed now; salamandrine is probably right that there’s a connection, and Mark would be able to find it.

    I have only heard of this happening twice before at, and it wasn’t hacking in either of those cases, it was just something that got messed up on the programming side. It got fixed.


    ah, good to hear. thanks raincoaster


    It seems that my blog is being hacked

    how do i proceed?



    Could you provide more details? Contact staff immediately with those details.


    /wave to raincaoster

    Support hours have just closed so email support [at] wordpress [dot] com and remember that there’s no such thing as providing too much information to staff. For example: Who else knows your password? And who has access to your admin section of your blog? I have learned to be sure to include each and every detail in order to get help expeditiously.

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