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Help (hiding static page text title and Phantom page)

  1. Hello all.

    My theme: The twenty twelve theme
    Page type: Static business website

    I have two current issues with my site.

    I've made a static page i named as 'home' as the home page.
    I'd like the 'home' to remain in the navigation top index, but would like to find a way to disappear the 'Home' text that appears on the page (on my page just above my images).

    Keeping in mind I dont have any upgrades, how can I solve this?

    I've added some pages which point to an external URL

    I've found how to do this on:

    So I put (example) : "linked in
    and then its created successfully tat external URL tab but also has created a 'phantom page'. (showing as a blank link - for example on my page above 'linked in'

    How can I get rid of this phantom page, and have it retain only the external URL tab?

    Your asssistance on both is much appreciated

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) You can't, without upgrades.

    2) Use a custom menu.

  3. How do you use a custom menu? I cannot find how to do this?

  4. 1) also which upgrade would solve this issue (with the home page name appearing?)

  5. @1tess - Thanks. That custom menu was so easy. Bit embarassing I didn't see it before. Thanks again!

  6. You are welcome.
    It's often the simplest things that trip us up! Like, I can't see my glasses! because they are on top of my head…

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