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HELP --- How Do I Create a Blog? Hosting Problems?

  1. Hello,

    Yesterday I created a test blog with wordpress to figure out all of the features and to see if I wanted to use the service. I liked it and decided to use it.

    I have a website that is hosted by yahoo. As a part of the yahoo hosting service you can create a wordpress blog.

    I tried to create a blog, you can see the blog ( but I could not edit the blog. Every time I tried to log in through the Yahoo interface I kept getting a message saying wrong password. They had a link which said send password if you forgot it. When I click on the link and enter my e-mail address, I get a message saying user not found.

    I called Yahoo tech support and they said to delete the blog and start over. I did and had the same problem.

    I came to wordpress to start the blog here and I was able to sign in and I appear to be a member, but I can't figure out how to create a blog. I keep getting the global dashboard page.

    Can someone tell me how to figure out how to at least log into wordpress so that I can work on the blog? I'll figure out the domain thing later.

    (Unless someone has a simple answer as to how I can change a wordpress domain to a subdomain of my personal site.)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. You're in the wrong spot I'm afraid. Support for the wordpress software is over at This is another hosting company that uses a different form of the wordpress software.

    I would suggest start off with stating your exact problem when you get over there. A quick glance at your post and I can't figure how what exactly your issue is. Please make it easy on those trying to help you. Start off with stating in one sentence what the exact issue that you are having is. Then go into detail.

    Good luck,

  3. Thanks.

    Is it possible to have a wordpress ID, but not have a blog? I think that may be the problem.

    Also, how is different from Is it the same thing?

  4. They are not the same at all. They run on different software. This forum is for those bloggers who are hosted by and who are all working on a wp-MU multi-user blogging platform.

    More information about the differences between and can be found in the "Please read me first before posting" sticky post at the head of this forum. Here's the link

    But suffice to say that you are in the wrong forum. You have to go here for support because you are not hosted by

  5. Thanks.

  6. You can have a ID but it wouldn't have anything to do with any wordpress blogs found elsewhere on the net. It's just for interacting with the blogs hosted here at

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