Help! How do I indent each new line in a paragraph?

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    This is probably something that has been asked many time before in this forum so apologies if it has – I just can’t seem to find the answer to what I’m trying to do and it’s driving me mad.

    The post I am writing contains a numbered list of instructions. I want to indent each new line so it is directly underneath the first word of the first line, and not below the number.

    I have been trying to do this using the space key but it won’t save my changes and each new line is pushed to the edge on the left hand-side and begins underneath the number, which is what I do not want! For example:

    1. Stand up and take three deep breaths, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly until you feel relaxed and grounded. Close your eyes. Find your centre. Let yourself go back in your memory to a specific time when you were totally confident. Abundantly confident.

    I really hope somebody will know what I’m trying to do and would be hugely grateful for help with this.

    Thanks very much,

    The blog I need help with is


    The easiest way to indent a line is to click on the text tab (next to the visual tab) on the post editor and where you want each space type


    You might also find this useful:



    To do what you’re looking for, write each instruction as a separate paragraph, without numbers, then select all and click the Ordered List tool (Visual editor, row 1 tool 5).

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