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Help - How do I unregister

  1. I have a wordpress blog hosted independently of In order to solve a comment spam problem I registered the blog at thinking all I was doing was getting an API so I could use Akismet. I didn't realize I was setting up another blog. Since I used the same name, I now have two blogs with the same name in two different places.

    How can I unregister/delete the [blog] blog to eliminate the duplication? Thanks

  2. You can delete the blog by going to Options -> Delete Blog which will unregister it, although there is really no reason to do this.

    If you don't point anyone at the blog nobody will know it exists other than you. If you want you could post a single post which points any accidental visitors through to your real blog on

    Hope that helps,

  3. Dashboard -> Options -> Delete Blog.

    It really doesn't delete your account, just your blog, but thats as close as your going to come.

    Hope this helps,

  4. Interesting drmike - If the "account" is still active will an API key continue to work after deleting a blog?

  5. Well if the account is still active, I would imagine so. Only the blog is being deleted.

  6. But how do you delete the account?

  7. Waters: Third post in this thread but deleteing your account does delete your API code. There's a thread covering this in the forums.

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