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Help - How do You Make The Home Page Not a Post Page

  1. I am using the standard WordPress blog and I am not very technical. I want the home page to be a regular static page and the post page to be called Blog. So my navigation would look like this

    Home About Us Services Blog

    I found the setting to make the first page a visitor enters be a static page but I can't figure out how to change the "Home" page that the blog comes with to say "Blog" and move down to the right of the navigation tabs at the top.

    Can anyone help?

  2. Hi there. I'm also not in the least technical or "geeky" but I do know how to do what you are asking about.
    go to -> Dashboard -> Options -> Reading -> Reading Options. This is the page where you can choose which page will be your front page and which page will be your "posts" page (will display all blog posts. You can have only one "posts" page. This is what you will see:
    Front Page
    Front page displays:
    Your latest posts
    A static page (select below)
    * Front page: {drop-down menu}
    * Posts page: {drop-down menu}
    After you make your choices on the drop down menu be sure to click "update options" to save the changes you make. :)

  3. Thanks for the info. I actually new that much but it does not actually solve my issue. My issue is with not being able to change the name or eliminate the "Home" page that automatically comes with the blog.

    If I go to the reading options and select About Us as the first page someone sees and select Blog as the page that displays posts I am still stuck with the "Home" page that comes with the blog in the navigation. I want to create my own new page called "Home", have it show up as the first "static" page and be first in the navigation scheme and have another page that I create (called "blog") show up further downt the navigation and contain the posts. Bottom line is I seem to have no control over the "Home page that comes with the blog (other than making it not be the first page that someone sees). Can you rename that page? Can you make it move to the right in the navigation scheme? Can you turn it into a static page?


  4. I figured it out. Create a page > Make it the first page that shows up > make it private and it works.


  5. I'm sorry I didn't clearly understand you on the first go around. I'm surprised that what you outline works. I was under the impression that it wouldn't.

  6. Turns out it does not. I looked liked it worked for a minute but when I refreshed something happened. It does not work.

    Any mroe ideas?

  7. Hmmm ... the Home link is not actually a Page. You'll note that it actually drops you back to the main or 'home' page of your blog.
    *a stab in the dark*
    How about trying this. Make a new page called "About Us" and assign it as your front page but leave "blog" as your posts page. Granted you'll still have a "Home" tab but if people click on it they will get "blog" and more to the point they will already be on your front page which will be "About Us". (I think).
    I have to deal with a client and will be back in 20-30 minutes. In between maybe you could try this, okay?

  8. Do you mean a way to keep the home page stable as a welcome page? If that's the case, drmike talked about it here:

  9. Nosysnoop - sort of but not really. I know how to select another page (that I created) to be the static or stable page that pepole see when they arrive. However, what I can't seem to do is make that static page be called "Home" and be the first tab on the left side of the navigation.

    Timethief - thanks for the suggestion, but it does not really solve my issue. I am into usability and if someone clicks a page called "Home" (especially if they don't know they are on a blog site) they expect to see a static page that has basic introductory information like a traditional Web site. That is what I want to accomplish. From your last post it seems like you understand what I am talking about.

    Anyone have any other ideas?

    I am starting to think what I want to do is not possible without hosing the blog yourself and getting into the code.

  10. I understood what you meant and I tried to provide a work-around. The "home" tab is hard-coded into the theme. And we cannot edit our themes at because we are on a shared multi-user blogging platform. I'm sorry the work around proved to be a no go for you. :( It seems like you may have to consider self hosting a blog from which has different software from what we use here at or hiring a web host. This link describes the differences between and

  11. Or use a theme with no tabs, and have the pages show up as a widget in the sidebar. No home page, no problem.

  12. How true. Thanks :)

  13. Thanks. I think I will try another theme or self hosting may be the way to go.

  14. You're welcome. :) Would you please let us know how you worked this out in the end?

  15. Hi mdombrow, I am having the same problem as you. Just wondering if you have managed to solve the problem? Or did you simply change to another theme with no tabs?

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