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Help: how to align images with caption?

  1. Hi!
    I'm new in blogging, and I have a problem.

    I can upload images without any problems, and it's easy to have them aligned to right or left, with text wrapping around.

    My problem is: when I add a description to my images (creating a caption), the text doesn't wrap anymore.

    An example of my blog (sorry: it's in italian):
    (to get the text wrapping, I had to write the caption directly into the pics with an editor)
    (adding a caption, no more alignment)

    Maybe I have to edit the CSS of my choosen theme (Pool)? I hope in something easier for a newbie like me...


  2. Seems to be a problem of the theme you're using. I made a post similar to yours, with an image with a caption, aligned right, and everything showed as it should. When I switched to Pool I got the problem you describe (image left, text below the image) ALTHOUGH in the visual editor the image was still at the right, with the text properly wrapped around it. I think you should contact Support.

  3. Yes, in the visual editor the image was OK for me, too.

    Thanks for your reply, I'll contact Support...

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