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Help how to get my blog on google?

  1. Um i dunno how to get my blog google so when people type exsample clubpenguin to get it to show up how do i do taht coz im new :( and ive always wanted to have a blog and have people read it from all aroung the world! and im 12 so kinda hard to explain it to me

  2. sorry for the spelling mistakes i did it in a rush

  3. It can take up to six weeks for Google to properly index a site. The more you post, the more important Google will think you are, so post away while you're waiting.

    But there are a LOT of Club Penguin blogs, so you've got a lot of competition.

  4. Thanks raincoster for the info!!!!!

  5. Phew, I thought I would never get on Google... Thanks! Please visit !

  6. I really want to get on Google! Please go to !

  7. i think you have to wait a while. for google, about a week or two. try waiting and see what happens.

  8. Also do some real posts. What you have right now doesn't give Google much to be interested in.

  9. Best bet is to get listed on at least one person's blogroll who is already listed on Google. And here are a few more suggestions:

  10. I want to go on google too! Visit my clubpenguin blog

  11. Here - visit my blog. We're not supposed to put our URLs in forum posts for blatent self promotion, but as everyone else is doing it...

  12. It also helps to write about topics people are interested in. But don't do it just for the sake of getting hits. My recent posts about the Truckers Strike brought in a spike last week. But mine hasn't been a one-post-then-done effort. I support the Truckers and post about it as much as I can.

    Another tip is to do a "Previously in this blog" listing at the end of posts. Google *loves* that.

  13. May I remind you all that a link here on the forum can get you visitors but is not translating into Google Juice. The links you paste get all attributed as "nofollow" so the Google bots quietly ignore them.

  14. Concentrate on updating your blogs with content, use categories and tags so the categories end up on global tags so others can possibly see you, and don't use too many tags or else it might get you bumped off global tags.

  15. Another tip is to do a "Previously in this blog" listing at the end of posts. Google *loves* that.

    mikecain, can't that hurt a person's blog on Google because of double posting your content?

  16. Google copes with a certain amount of duplicate content. Besides, I don't think listing titles even counts as such.

  17. indonesischblog

    So I've read several times now that the number of tags and categories used shouldn't exceed 12. Is this per entry or for the entire blog. I use a whole lot of categories, 'cause I like to categorise my entries, but I rarely go over half a dozen per post... I'd like to avoid getting kicked off the wordpress global tags pages...

  18. Per entry.

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