Help, I am beginner. How install and uploading new theme ?

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    Hi,i have done my upgrade (99 dollars).I try to install a premnium theme but at the contol panel of my blog, at appearence, doesn’t have the choise of installing and uploading new theme. I must buy also the Guided Transfer (129 dollars)and after that i will have that choice automatically ? If, no, tell me please what can i do, because i have buy a premnium theme from Thank you and sorry for my English :)

    The blog I need help with is



    1) Please do not ask the same question multiple times.

    2) You cannot install a theme from outside Purchasing a premium theme is separate from the Pro upgrade, and costs extra, and still only applies to the premium themes you can see on your dashboard.

    3) If you insist on this theme you got from somewhere other than, then you should ask for a refund for all of your Pro upgrade EXCEPT the domain name, which you will need. Then you can buy webspace and install your paid theme on that, and switch your domain name to point to it. If you have posts here, you can either export them yourself to the new blog OR pay for the guided transfer.



    First of all thank you for the reply and sorry about my ”multiple ” same question.So if i just buy the Guided Tranfer all the thinks (articles,domain etc ) will be transfer automatically and my dashboard, also, will be change and i will have the choise of installing and uploding theme (?) .
    If you can PLEASE send me a link for the refund.
    Thanks again


    Yes, the guided transfer will transfer all of your content. The dashboard on the new self-hosted site will be slightly different and there will be some wordpress.COM unique features that you will not have on the new site. Those you can typically recover though with plugins.

    I don’t know if installing your new theme will be included with the guided transfer, but they aren’t too hard to install in general.


    For the refund, I’ve tagged this thread for staff attention so that they can refund everything but your domain name.


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    Ask for the refund via the same dashboard page as you bought the upgrades on, the Store page.



    Thanks a lot guys.
    I ‘ve done the guided tranfer and i bought 1 month hosting to godaddy but nothing has change.
    i have to wait and it will be change in few days or i must do something ?



    Hi antoinedok,

    I checked our system and I see we’ve been in touch with you by email already. You’re on the schedule for Monday.





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