HELP! I can’t posting at my blog, what should I do?

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    Somebody please help me. Maybe some of you has suffered the same thing with me. when I’m writing at my blog, I want to put a picture to it. But a notification show up and tell me that they concern about some content in my blog, they advice to contact wordpress then I contact them. But until now i didn’t yet received any information to how could I blogging again…

    Somebody please tell me, I’ve look for a discussion with the same problem with me that there is a restricted link at content in their blog. But what’s that? How could I remove it. Please somebody…..



    The blog linked to your name is a blogspot blog, and will will not be able to assist with that.

    If someone has some concern about the content of your blog and they are able to prevent you from posting to your blog, you might want to follow their instructions about contacting them.

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