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HELP. I have an important problem.

  1. I use my blog for an English class that i am in, and my teacher doesn't believe that the posts were done on time. i went to check the time stamp and the time stamp in the WordPress editor reads a wildly incorrect time. I need some way to check the exact time a post was made. My acceptance to college depends on the resolution of this issue. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you ever change the time of your blog from the default of UTC I think to your local time?

    I don't know what would happen to the old posted times if you change the time zone - so I would probably not change anything - but looks Dashboard >> Settings >> General >> you should see the time zone that your blog is set to - my only suggestion would be to take a screen shot of what your blog is set to and do the math for any offsets and send the info to your instructor

  3. You probably haven't set the correct time zone in Settings > General.

    But doing this will only apply to posts you create after the change. The time stamp of already created posts won't change automatically: you'll need to edit those posts and change their time stamp. And since you can do that, the time stamp of a post doesn't prove anything to someone else.

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