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Help I'm addicted

  1. I got home on Friday approximate time 7:30pm
    I turned to my husband and said, "Could you not talk to me right now?, I just want to answer a few comments on my blog, then Im done."
    (time passes)
    *I logged off of WordPress at 2:30am Saturday
    I announced... IM DONE and I thought.., you know what? ,"This should be posted in the forum!"
    I logged back in!!!
    Its 2:40 am
    Goodnight and fare thee well my sweet addiction.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Wish I had so many comments to respond to!!! You're one lucky cat! :-)

  3. you know.. first you respond to a comment, then you check a link, then you say hhhmm I wonder what my subscriptions are doing? one thing leads to another, and before you know it your blog surfing. no?

  4. LOL! This is why I like you Catwoman, you care to surf at 2am :)

  5. well people on the other side of the globe are just waking up... and I dont want to miss any goodies! :) :)

  6. haha im addicted to checking activity :D

  7. I'm addicted with my blogs too...tho I don't have as many comment as yours ;)

  8. Glad I'm not the only one. My husband is tired of seeing me on the computer, especially when I say, "I just have to do one thing" and don't get off until 2 hours later.

  9. Well, it's not the worst addiction.
    *reloads dashboard for the 34211th time today*

  10. Wow it's great you have such a well received blog, judging from all the comments you have to reply to haha

    But your poor husband! Maybe you could give him atleast an evening of your week, where you try to refrain from your addiction. I'm sure he'd be happy if you gave him some more time.

    Ah, but this is just me speaking from a speculative point of view. I don't mean to be naggy, I just feel bad for the spouses that get set aside sometimes, heh.

  11. @turnthrice I have an Evil plan. For 2 weeks now I have told him to start a blog and named all the benifits of blog ownership off 1 by 1. If I can just get him to be addicted also... we can be together again.
    But on a serious note, I agree with you. When I tell him what you said.. hes gonna enjoy lording it over me. :)

    I will visit all your blogs today and spread some comment love! Its the weekend. YAY!

  12. I too am addicted to checking my blog. You're right, one thing does lead to another and then an hour has passed... It helps that I work in an office, so I can check then instead of working!

  13. Hello lifewith4cats,

    Kitties are nocturnal by nature and since you are such a cat lover, it stands to reason that you might also be moonlighting with your feline friends.
    I've tried the Facebook thing and made a quiet exit from that network years ago.
    My point of view, I find that hanging out with the WordPress community is like spending a few hours at the local library with a group of distinguished and talented friends.
    I am however becoming more and more familiar with the affliction you speak of.
    My computer, an aging 2000 model, takes most of the blame for my extended time in front of the screen.....

  14. hmm I have that same problemo :) love it

  15. Although I want to add my time doesn't go on replying to comments as I don't get that many - blog surfing is how the hours fly by :|

  16. Yeah, blogg surfing was my point too. I don't get a whole lot of comments. I wrote it poorly so it looks as if I was writing about coment replying. But ya It was 2:40 am. Way, past my bedtime so I wasnt thinking clear. Its the whole blog experience. I love it.

    @seaofblogs wow I never thought of it that way but that is exactly it! Its like hanging out at the library.

    @turnthrice not counting now, Ive been logged off wordpress most of the day. I took your council to heart. at least for today. xoxo

  17. Ha! I'm also addicted to this awesome website ... WordPress. Im so happy I found it four months ago. My hubby says I'm having an affair with the written word, how true. It's good to know that I'm not the only one. :)

  18. more thing ... I'm addicted to blog surfing, and that new (to me) button Readomattic ... like bloody brilliant that thing is. Keeps me going for hours.

  19. Hah surfing at 2:22am Sunday morning. I couldn't sleep...So at midnight I decided to get up again.

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