Help I'm new and have a question!!

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    Is there any way friends and family can view your blog without having to create a WordPress account?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, Sambina. You can password protect your posts and pages and give the password only to your friends and family.


    Hope this helps.


    Thank you so much. I just took off the private setting to my blog so that my friends and family can view my blog without having to create their own WordPress account (which would be too many steps for some of them haha).

    I made my first post private, so now I am trying to edit it so it is password protected. However, it doesn’t seem to be changing. Is there a trick to this?



    You must be doing it right, because I went to your blog and it asked me for a password!

    Nice looking blog, by the way. I really like that theme and the color palette.

    You remind me of my wife and I when we were in our twenties (well, just barely). I was just finishing a contract and she quit her job so we could travel for three months. It’s great to have the opportunity to travel like that. It changes your life. Good luck!




    I don’t think that password protecting every post and page in a blog is the way to go. Anyone can get a throw away email address account and that’s all that’s needed to register a WordPress.COM username account. Have your relatives do that and then set the entire blog visibility to private so it’s not indexed by search engines.

    To change blog visibility to Private go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading scroll to Site Visibility and choose option 3
    Then see:
    adding users
    user roles


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    At least be sure each post has a unique password!

    If you password protect every post with the same password, then it would take just one person to tell that password to a distant cousin, an acquaintance from high school you hated, one of your work colleagues, a friend of a friend, and so one. Then what you want private would easily become readable by folks you wouldn’t choose to read your posts.

    If you really don’t think your friends and relatives can handle setting up an access account for WordPress (not so different from what they do for FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Netflix, and any other social media), then you should just send individual emails to them. That would protect your privacy a bit.

    If you are really concerned about privacy, then use pen and paper; don’t publish online.



    Anyone can get a throw away email address account and that’s all that’s needed to register a WordPress.COM username account.

    You can create an account / log-in for relatives with a throwaway email – or you should be able to do most of the work for your relatives that struggle with setting things up – if my memory is correct to open an account – you need to pick a name & give an email address that works for at least a few minutes – so enter the info and tell your relatives to click on the link in the email that is sent to them from


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    I’ve suggested that in the past but I’m not sure that is anymore secure than using a password for all posts. It would just take one person to “spread” it around. Or am I misunderstanding something here?

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