Help! Images are being cut off

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    I just noticed that my images are being cut off when you click on them to blow them up. I have the custom css on Modularity Lite and I’m not sure if I added something that has caused this.

    See here:

    This happens in both Firefox and IE. I would appreciate any advice on this issue.

    The blog I need help with is


    You have the width set to 250px in div.last

    div.last {

    Change it to 950px and that will fix it.



    Thank so much for your response. That was actually the first thing I tried but when I set it to 950 or even 650 my sidebar wraps to the bottom of the page. Any ideas on that?


    OK, I mistakenly thought you had the attachment pages with no sidebar.

    The main container, .container , is set for 990px width with about 20px padding on the left and right giving you 950px for the content and sidebar in .inner-container . That means the actual post area (minus right padding) has a available width of 650px.

    Right now, div.last is set for a width of 250px. If you set it for 650px, I think that should straighten things out, but your images are going to have to be 650px wide or less, otherwise they will be cut off.

    The only other option is to widen the entire blog to where you have 950px width for the content area, but that is going to make your whole blog about about 1500 px wide, which is wider than I would suggest since there are still a fair number of people out there using 1024 wide monitor resolutions, and Modularity Lite was designed with 1024 wide monitors in mind.

    What it all boils down to is you cannot put 950px wide images into a 650px wide content area. You need to resize your images and upload them again, or edit them in the media library down to 650px wide.

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