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Help in choosing a blog name!

  1. Hi friends!

    I just make a blog for 1 month and delete it for testing.But now,I wanna make a permanent one.I made and thought of many blog name[checking that it had not been registered too] but all of them[good ones] are registered.I am out of ideas now so I want your help.

    My blog will be about :

    * Technology[Many stuffs related to it]--> Main topic
    * Science[Study materials too]
    * Fun Stuffs
    * Just something related to myself.
    * Etc...

    I want a name which is available by[I will make my blog on] and[especially!]
    I am under 18 so I can't make a Blog/Website on a host which requires money which my parents will not waste if it comes to the word "Online".I then also can make my blog standardized if someone give me money via pay pal or pay for me which is not possible if I ask an Indian normally.

    If you all can't give the names then just give ideas for names,etc...

    Give some other ideas too if you want...Every name I think is registered uselessly.So I am running out of ideas and I want your help.I don't want my blog's name as my name.

    The name should be easy to spell as well as remember will a short[] but a very nice one.It can be like Flickr,Engadget or any other company-like name.

    Remember,I will recruit writers for my blog but not giving money[Sadly!].But you will be interested when it'll be famous.I hope I gave you enough information as much I can.

    Help Me

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What sort of thing have you tried that was already registered? It might help people get an better understanding of the kind of name you're looking for.

  3. A very good idea is this: take a plant or an animal or even a thing that you like and put a number or a quantifier before it, for example:

    some goldfish
    any sparrow
    13 daffodils
    two ducks
    3 ducks
    1 or 2 elephants

    as you can see, there are many possibilities, and I have often tried these and was very rarely rejected.

  4. Ok i'll try many animal will then be leopard...i'll try..any other suggestions??

    I did not specified any special type of name coz then the possibilites will be very narrowed..just give me any ideas you'll have....

  5. Work with leopard and some phrases.
    Tiger is another. (In Asian traditional cultures it symbolizes strength, virility, etc.)

    You're young and bursting with imagination. :)

  6. I'm a way near it...Thanks for helping...I'll just add a prefix/suffix[chances are more] with some words.....

  7. I got much of the help from here:

    I thought some but and it's available but I will not make my blog now as my school exams[std.7] are very near.After that I'll create and It'll be a success[Believe It!]

    @madiebike --> What if I'm young?? Don't consider that I'm young than I don't know anything.For a big reality[a success reality,a great man],a great imagination is needed.....

  8. Jayant Jargen.
    What do you think?

  9. Oopsie! Jargen is supposed to be Jargon.


    I think you should do something like: YourFirstNameTech
    Tech/Science is kinda the same thing, and Tech is a lot more reader.
    Something like that.

  11. Edit: WordPress doesn't have an edit button.

    Haha, think you'll become famous eh? A dreamer. :3

    I'll blog - maybe - depending, but I can try, since I have a Tech blog myself (see August 24th's post)

  12. @flyweel
    What do you mean by "What do you think?"

  13. What do you think of the name I came up with?

  14. Well,thanks to you all for a little help.
    I'll not use Jayant but I'll see if Jargon can be done....
    I am now just trying to make a new name of Technology..

  15. Some of keywords I wanna use[Combination,etc] :-
    *some pre/suf fixes from here :
    Just,hope now you can understand my ques. now.I am just fed up.....

  16. I registered fmencore here a while ago and really haven't used it. I'd be willing to give that to you if you want it.

  17. The system mentioned above is perfect to get a new mail address
    1 frog
    11 frogs
    111 frogs
    1111 frogs

    Unlike other concoctions, these are easy to remember.

  18. Well,thank you all!

    I got a good name[IMO] but can't tell you...Just the thing now I will need is some online money to register a pro domain name[i mean->] which I'll make by some ptr[paid to read] sites....

    Hope for it's success...

  19. @incognito teenager
    If you're too an Indian,so let's be friends... ;) And i'll consider you in my Blogroll.
    I guess you're a girl.You a tech enthusiast???If yes then,it's the first time I ever heard of a tech girl in india or any country... it's a rare occurrence in India... :P

  20. Blog is out :
    i don't know you'll like the name or not,but it's perfect for me...

  21. I really like your blog name :)

    You're pretty creative!

  22. @faieycakes
    thANKS;.... :)

  23. geekfume... that sounds creative...
    too bad I am not interested in technology and all that...

  24. pornstarbabylon

    Make sure it hasn't been taken already. Run the name through Google. If more than one word, also run it with "" around it >> "blog name here" << This way to keep the words together in the search. Run it through Google, every social network, and domain registry to see if it hasn't been taken yet. Then also get those names on the social networks and buy the domains before someone else does. Even if you don't use the social networks, get an account there. Log in every month or so because now Twitter deletes non-active accounts after six months.

  25. Hmm... have you chosen a name yet? Because I was going to suggest Techno Tiger, relating it to something posted on here earlier. I'm not good with ideas.

  26. somethingsthat

    Trying to get the name you want can be a nightmare because they never expire - even when they haven't been used for years.

    For example, I wanted to be 'things' but someone else already had it and abandoned it many moons ago. I even messaged the person but got no answer. He could even be dead and buried by now but yet the title still won't expire.

    Someone who can should definitely look into this and set up some sort of expiry date for unused blog titles, otherwise future newbies won't be able to have any sort of title that makes sense - they'll just have to resort to random digits.

  27. @somethingsthat

    yeah....ur 100% right....i guess there will be one way in future...otherwise there'll be serious hackings and disasters....

    yeah made..... do have a look at it and please subscribe our feeds via feedburner and comment/......but,thanks for the name, as i may use it in the near future...

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