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Help in CSS Codes

  1. Hello everyone, I have been trying to change the color for the connection theme from green to blue. So far, I am on the spot except for few things such as the top bar in the header and the page backroung and divider. I have tried several codes but it either changes everything or nothing but the color. Does someone could tell me where to look for the top bar header and the main page backround in the CSS?
    Thank you

  2. the page background image is called 'rap.jpg', and is referenced in #rap (the containing div around everything on the page).

    the green header is in 'better-header.gif' (part of matt or whoever doing violence to the original connections) and is referenced in #header.

    you can override just the green navigation menu by changing #topnav.


    #topnav {<br /> background:#73879d;<br /> border:#fff 2px solid;<br /> list-style:none;<br /> font-size:0.9em;<br /> margin-top:8px;<br /> margin-right:8px;<br /> margin-left:8px;<br /> margin-bottom:0px;<br /> padding:5px 10px 0 0;<br /> text-align:right; <br /> }

  3. Thank you Sunburntka, I will try that and let you know :)

    EDIT: It worked !, but need to work on the margin as it's a bit too big compare to the header. Thanks.

    Sunburntka: sorry to bother you again, but when you said that the main page background is "rap.jpg" then i understand it's a picture, therefore cannot change it, right?

  4. sorry about the margins, they were done for my own site, where i'd heavily customized the HTML of connections as well.

    you can upload your own image, and then add something like
    #rap {<br /> background: url( repeat-y top center;<br /> }
    to your CSS to override the one in connections.

  5. No worries ;)
    Thank you for your help ,I will try that.

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