Help! Incorrect details at registration

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    I was just setting up a new blog on wordpress but I have not yet received the activation email, and I’m afraid I may have accidentally entered incorrect details in the registration screen.

    When I try to log in using the user name and password that I had selected, it tells me the user name is incorrect (eeeek!).

    At first I thought this was my fat fiinger typing skills and I assumed I must have spelled the user name wrong in the original registration AS WELL as the email (oh what a drama this had become). But when I performed a little experiment and tried to register a new account with the correct spelling in the user name this time, it said the name was already taken and was awaiting activation (phew – so at least I know now that the user name was right all along)!

    But still can’t get into the account to check that the correct email address was provided and I really really need to because an associate is waiting for this info.

    Is there a way of resending the activation email (and ensuring it goes to the correct address this time)?



    I have flagged this thread for you so it gets Staff attention.

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