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Help - I've changed the default font of all posts

  1. I was trying to change the font of the headings such as for the links etc because I wanted to change to a darker blue. So I went into widgets and tried putting the <font color="0000FF"> in the top of the links widget next to links. Now all it has done is changed my entire blog to blue. Every single post is now all blue. How can I change it back to the way it was?

  2. Go back in and take that font tag out.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I did try to do that but the font tag was not there in the widget header, where I had put it.

  4. Wait, you have the CSS upgrade, don't you? Then it'll be in the CSS I would think. You'll have to root through the code.

    If you don't have the CSS upgrade, then I think you'll need a staff fix. Support won't be open for a couple of hours, but maybe Mark will see this thread and fix it for you.

  5. Thankyou Raincoaster. I don't have the upgrade but it looks like I have changed the CSS. Maybe I've found a cheat by accident? Certainly it is very peculiar.

  6. I have solved the problem. User error! (Well maybe) My first widget was a subscribe widget which I had changed the font colour of the text to blue. This has had the effect of making my entire site blue. I don't know if this is a bug or by design. I would assume that changing the font color of the text in a widget would just apply to that widget but it doesn't from this example.
    Cheers for the help Raincoaster. As ever, superb support.

  7. In order to stop the font color change you need to add </font> where you want it to stop.

  8. D'oh. I'm an eejit of the highest order. Thankyou mtdewvirus for casting a ray of sense in amongst my monsoon of ignorance!

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