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Help - Lonely New Blogger Addicted to Refresh Button

  1. Statistics, comments, share, hits, subscribe likes.....Zero....Refresh....Zero.......Refresh.......Zerooooo....okay, so it's obvious I am a loney new blogger, is there anyone else out there? 

    Give me a blink of bliss and let me see one statistic increase.....Refresh......Zerooo......... Oh well, at least I tried! 

    The blog I need help with is

  2. *Subscribes* :)

  3. Subscribed, liked, and commented. I hope that helps? :-)

    I know exactly what you mean about the stats obsession. It'll get better the longer you blog. I like your blog. Short, sweet and to the point. Some other bloggers could learn a thing or two from you, myself included!


  4. I know exactly how that feels... It's been a month and I'm still obsessed with site statistics, but at least I've got a steady stream of views rolling in now.

    I'll help you out :)

  5. That's a sweet little blog, will be visiting often now.
    And about the stat addiction, I am in the same boat with you, I have been here only about 20 days and I already check my stats page more than my FB profile.

  6. Wow, thank you all for taking the time to visit, read, comment and subscribe, it feels fantastic to see activity when I refresh!

  7. Relax. That is phase. Been there. You will get over it too. Give it some time. Your blog is pretty good, it will grow fast.

  8. Thanks! Your right....relax....breathe....take it easy.......okay I can't help myself.....REFRESH.....Smile :)

  9. Read and subscribed I've been the same new to this too have you linked your blog to your facebook or twitter and asked friends to have a read and then asked them to share with their friends? It's worth a try


  10. @blinksofbliss
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  11. Oh welcome to the stats obsession group! There are a few of us out there and we share the same feeling - I found that when I put up a comment on this forum I got more viewers....for like a day or two. Then it all died down it can get depressing. Hope it gets better for you though - your blog looks good and I found that lots of photos and links always help. <wink>

  12. Thank you supermom lover, timetheif and accumulatingwealth - really useful info there for a newbie :)

  13. Refresshhhhhhhhh

  14. Bluntness - If this was your idea to gather more hits, I don't know if this would work or not, but time to come up with other tricks may be?

  15. @sayali611 Let's come up with new tricks. Apparently, I'm too much of a blog pimp myself. :( haha

  16. Well, I do advertise my blog too. I do want to be read, would have wrote a journal otherwise. But I am not into 'blog pimping' much anymore. Did that. Trust me, you would hate the results. There are no short-cuts to success, the blog will take its time to grow. And it should.
    I have joined a few blogger groups. Plan to join a few more. That would be a new trick for you, if you aren't trying that already.

  17. Promise free Ipods, viagra, movie tickets, X box on your social networking. I did and my subscription roll saw a big jump in its numbers.

  18. Like your bluntness! Your right, I will give up my blog pimping hat including free giveaways and concentrate on finding other blinks of bliss - like the link?

  19. bestofthebunch


    That list is incredibly helpful... thank you! I will definitely be checking out the tutorials on your blog.

    Just so everyone knows, I signed up for reddit about two hours ago and have seen a surge of traffic (at least for my blog haha). Its really easy and has definitely given me a bunch of hits!

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