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Help me find one of my blogs that seems to be delinked from my account

  1. I used to have two blogs. Somewhere along the way, my second blog (bits&pieces at has dropped off and I can't see it listed under my name. How can I list it under my name as my second blog so I can access it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the actual URL of the blog?

  3. I should have apologized in advance for being a luddite. How would I find out the URL of the blog?

  4. Perhaps this?:

  5. You're using a different account to blog on that site you have to sign out and sign in as that user.

  6. I used to be able to use a drop down menu to access either/both the blogs. How can I re-link it to my admin account?

  7. Your anitalmorris account has to be an Admin of that blog. Looks like that isn't the case now. Is there another admin of that blog?

  8. I'm the admin of both blogs. Both used to show up as options under my name on the right side of the menu. Now only bathurstmuses shows up. Could I have unwittingly changed one of the passwords?

  9. That wouldn't have done it if both were administered from one account. I strongly suspect that both blogs showed on your OTHER username. Try logging in to that.

  10. Yes! Thank you! Whew! I thought it fell into an abyss.

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