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  1. help me here guys.... i know that when i will click on my name[in forum]..i'll head on to my blog[this refers to other user n blogs too].....
    but from some days,when i click it shows a deleated blog--> is not even my blog] real blog is -->jttp://

    so how can i fix it.....or it is just showing on my account??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you go to your Profile, you can set it there under "Website".

  3. This blog linked to your username has been deleted. Deleting a blog requires passing through 3 warnings and a confirmation link in an email to achieve. Once deleted by a blog Admin the blog URL cannot be recyled. It's gone forever.

    To link your username to another "living" blog do the following: Go into your dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to 'Account Details'. In the spot where it says 'website' fill in the complete URL starting with http:// for your "living" blog and save the changes.

  4. thanx,......i read the post"how to get featured on freashly pressed"...i am confused that for comng in global tags do we need to specify those tags only??

  5. No, as long as you're using some tags including the ones in Freshly Pressed, you'll be in consideration. You do not need to limit your tags to those.

  6. one thing i cant undrstand...if in thousands of posts in 1 global tag,there are some superb posts,then they will not be featured until and unless officers will see it...this thing is very bad...

  7. It's not "very bad." You're assuming it's perfect. It's human, because the posts are actually chosen by algorithm to make the short list, then humans to make the final list. Think of it like Fark.

    After all, if it were perfect, it would be nothing but MY posts, and you poor people would get bored!

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