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help me i cant login

  1. ok so i know this situation im in is really bad.

    I own a website i had a company make the website they created it so they used there own email address and password. I paid them the money they gave me the site and great everything works out. I had them do some SEO search engine optimization to get me found. Great they did that i paid them. Well all of a sudden he changed the password to get on the site. The website still runs but I cant change it. So since they used their email the password help thing is not going to do anything for me. I have invested about 5,000 into this site it's my company site and now the only thing i have to prove that i own this is the godaddy hosting information on my account. That they dont have access to anymore.

    So other than telling me what i should have done, yes i know i should of changed the email a long time ago, is there anything i can do other than doing this all over again.

    Thanks for you help


    The blog I need help with is

  2. @John
    If and only if you are referring to a blog from and being free hosted by then post an active link starting with http:// to the site in question.

    WordPress.COM versus WordPress.ORG: The Differences

  3. If you are referring to a WordPress.ORG install then we cannot help you here at all. The two sites are completely separate and the support forum for Word-press.ORG installs is here >

  4. That's not a free hoisted WordPress.COM blog and we cannot help you.

  5. Edit: "hoisted" was meant to be "hosted"

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