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Help Me! I'm having NO trouble getting people 2 visit my page but NO COMMENTS!

  1. How do I get More comments??? For a while i had a different theme and had it to where you couldnt comment on my blog. I recently changed my theme to the current 1 i'm using now. People are not commenting though :(

  2. My current average is 700 views per comment. Older blogs get more comments, because they have a community they've built over time. Bloggers who comment on other blogs get many, many more comments than other bloggers.


  3. lol ok thank you. im going to take your advice since youve been doing this longer than me

  4. Thanks for taking it in good spirits. God knows, I can be snarky.

  5. If you're specifically after comments:

    - Ask people for their opinion.
    - Ask if they agree with your story/statement or if they have suggestions.
    - Have controversial posts that will make people want to put up their opinion
    - Make it easy for people to write comments. Don't make them have to log in or use captcha or whatever. Email and name is fine or you could even avoid that.
    - Try to make it a point to reply to people's comments. It gets a conversation going and you get to learn more about your audience and you get to share more info without having to edit the main article.
    -General tips on getting more traffic, indirectly may help get more comments.

    Number of comments depend on your audience size and topic.

  6. Oh one more thing.

    Have a comments bar so your audience can see what's being commented on. That's how I find out what to comment as wordpress doesn't email me about every comment posted (if an article is made by another writer)

  7. thank you guys for all your help..yeah i think i ould have had a lot of comments but i had it to where you had to put in your email and other info in order to comment..but i took all that you dont even have 2 leave a name it will just say since this morning a lotttttt of people have been commenting

  8. Anonymous is not fun...well at least not fun for me.

    I have the same problem as yours...lots of view with rare comments, however since I have more and more blogger friends I have comments from them once in a while and that's enough for me.

  9. I like adding a relevant comment question at the bottom of each post I'm still new but getting a reasonable amount of comments

  10. yea i had to edit my comment settings where you dont have to enter all this people comment!

  11. Reminds me of a question I asked before ( welcome to the club!

    Since then, I received a couple more comments by fellow bloggers. Make friends, that's all I can say...

  12. yea i feel u im tryin 2 du tht itz wrkin slowly lol HAHAHha but yea hopefully more will cum soon

  13. Gossip blogs generally don't get any comments to speak of until they've been around quite some time and built a community: see Gawker and Celebitchy for examples. They are also getting millions of hits a day.

  14. dang thats soooooo much! ugh well hopefully withinn the next year there will be a lot more viewers.

  15. You're going great guns already. I don't doubt comments will pick up.

  16. Thank You!!!!!! I feel good right now ;-)

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