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Help me move on or not?

  1. Hi everyone.

    I have been reading everybody post and it's very interesting.

    I however can not make the dicition to MOVE on OR NOT?
    Me and my ex girlfriend broke up 6 months ago.

    1. The reason for our breakup was that my mother send me text messages that said a few bad things about her, although i could understand why she was upset about this i told her to calm down and that we would sort this out. Within and hour later i received a email at work telling me that we should rather breakup as this is not the kind of family she wants to marry into..

    I then wrote her a very nice email telling her that my mother was wrong and she sometimes says stupid things,(wich was true). I told her I loved her very much and would like to sort this out.
    She replied with " All the more reason i dont want to marry into a family like that"

    This really hurt me so badly i could not cope with work, thinking straight and basically was a total mess!

    2. In the mean time, i shaw her in the gym, she came up to me gave me a kiss and made some small chat, wnent partying and took some other guy to a year end funtion.

    3. 3 weeks went by and then one day i got a letter saying she is sorry and that she was the one that needed to change, saying things like she knows that God will bring us back toghter. And that I truly made her happy and how much she loved me......

    Bay that time i was so upset, that i lashed out at her...

    To give you a little background

    We where not jet togther but had kissed and been seeing each other, then one night she got drunk and kissed someone else..I was quite upset, but we sorted things out and it was great from there on.
    Also about 4 months into the relationship i picked up alot of trouble at work, the people at work bad mouthed me and she went to go and see them behind my back. Then told me we needed a break, I said it's fine but the very next day she came running back and changed her mind. So i gave it the benift of the doubt...

    Things from there on went well, we moved in toghter and life wasnt easy but we where happy.

    Anyway, all these things combined with the last one of leaving me for 3 weeks because of something my mother said, made me feel so angry and needing to let all these things out and end it for once and for all. So in reply to her email i told her about all these things that bothered me and that we need to go our own ways.

    She replied with " Ok i didn't know i was such a bad girlfriend and can also move on"

    Since then we had little contact, only exchanging things that belonged to her, afterwards she said that she was very hurt by my email. But then all of a sudden she change and acted all happy, tryed to make plans to hook up and she just left me hanging. I could not handle it and left town. After she wanted to know where i was and also tryed to add me on but i have been ignoring her trying to get over it.

    My question is? Should i have done more? Was this my falt? Should i write her a letter? Should i put the hole thing behind me and just move on... Or was this the wright decition??

    Please help me gain prespective on this so that i can move on...

    The blog I need help with is

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  3. Drama, drama. I would recommend moving on, BUT you shouldn't take advice from a stranger. You know yourself and you know her. Seriously think if you can spend every single day with her for the rest of your life and be happy, and if you could make her happy.
    But I guess if you think about this, no one would ever get married :)

  4. let's just have it this way -
    objectively speaking: it would be a lot better if you guys talk, all you guys need is communication. it's really not good to leave anything hanging on air since that doesnt solve anything instead both parties are merely inflicting wounds on each other and on yourselves.

  5. Not: expecting people to jump in and help you work through a life crisis (possibly entirely made up) when they don't know anything about you invites the opportunity for rejection.


  6. I would say to move on. Yes, relationships are supposed to be hard work but the fact that she was so up and down at the very beginning should be a slight warning. You dont want to be with someone who has mood swings you have to watch out for.

    I also think that part of you has already decided that since you moved out of town. Have a new beginning and enjoy the single life for a bit.

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