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  1. Check my blog help me to improve that....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sure, what do you pay?

    Here's a quick tip: DON'T USE CAPS LOCK because every time you do, Satan kills a kitten.

  3. Thank u....

  4. You're welcome.

    Nobody will be able to help you improve your blog if you don't tell them what you want to accomplish.

  5. I second what raincoster said :D

  6. Loose the multiple dots .............! - it's pointless. I would recommend using the 'clcik to read more' cut-offs to save readers from having to scroll for ages to browse homepage articles.

    Your posts look well written so keep it up and people will come.

  7. Raincoaster, Vijayasimhabr, tltcl thank u for your valuable feedback.

  8. How about coming up with some original material instead of lifting it straight from the Wall Street Journal - a pay site, no less?

    I'm no WSJ subscriber, so I can't read the whole article, but your latest post about Facebook and the first few lines of a recent WSJ article with a byline by Shayndi Raice are identical.

    I'm sure the WSJ and its hardworking reporter who did the original research and writing wouldn't be too pleased to hear that.

  9. You know you can get sued for that. Really. And your blog will be deleted without warning by WordPress if you're stealing material.

  10. That post is still up. Maybe a writ will have a bigger impact.

  11. Just click Report As Spam.

  12. readytochangenow

    @raincoaster - you made me spit coffee all down the front of my shirt with your comment about writing in all caps.

    Thank you for making me laugh out loud.

  13. You're welcome. It's a bete noir of mine.

  14. Hm, I checked google for the latest post and found the very same text published somehere else again.
    Seriously, I do not think that you wrote those articles yourself and I would strongly recommend to take them down and come up with something of your own.

  15. Satan kills a kitten! Thanks for the laugh!

  16. @vgeo does not allow scraper blogs full of duplicate content. In case you do not know what that means it means that the blog you have established is full of stolen content and that makes you a content thief and it makes the "splog" subject to suspension.

    Scraper blogs: Blogs that take content from other blogs and re-publish it without permission (this is sometimes called scraping). If a blog contains stolen content, it’s gone!

    My strong suggestion to you is to get another hobby.

  17. All content deleted, apparently.

  18. Now if only that would happen to another blog out there. That would
    Nifty and

  19. Yes indeed it would and I would be inclined to open wine cellar and share a toast to civility with you.

  20. Believe me
    Nobody understands what you and
    I do.

  21. I clearly comprehend

  22. But

  23. lOl

    Before the
    Next Newyear
    I hope

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