How do I make password protected posts and short urls

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    I have some questions. On my blog i would like to make a password protected page, but do i need to pay for that or can i use free? How do you make a password protected page? Is there a way i can make my website url shorter? Or does it have to stay as is?

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    The blog I need help with is



    Hello: commanderltin
    please refer to the following Support Documentation Page Visibility — Support —

    Here is the short url to your websites home page this method works for post and pages as well you just need to have the page or post link loaded in your browser url bar first, then hover over your site name on the left side of your grey admin bar then you will see a short url for such post or page…

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    Please also leave a descriptive title when creating forum threads this will aid the volunteers with answering your question(s)

    Also please considered searching the forums by using the search fieldd at the top of the forum page as well search the support documentations before creating a new thread this helps with cutting down on redundant threads thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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