Help me retrieve my account's information, please?

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    I am trying to access my account since I already forgot the password. I also forgot my username since I haven’t logged in to that account 4 years now. Can you please help me retrieve my password? Here’s the link for my previous website:

    I haven’t bought/upgraded anything so I don’t have any receipts from Paypal. The email I used which is I believe (email redacted) was already deactivated by Yahoo. I’m really hoping that you can help me with this. I assure you that I am the owner of this blog, you can access my current account to check the information. I’m pretty sure some of it will match in one way or another. I just need to retrieve my old account. Please and thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    You need to work with the account recovery group – fill out as much as you can in the form

    Account Recovery Page

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