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    I contribute to another blog (in addition to my own). The page that clicking on my name in “posted by” brings me to a page that has some but not all the Gravatar info.

    Can someone explain how all this works?

    My issue is that I would like both MY blog URL and also my business URL to be part of that profile that readers see if they click on my name. There is only one option in our Personal Settings to include a URL. I realize this is because it’s not feasible to have 2 URLs if you comment on someone’s blog.

    But why set up the Gravatar profile with as many links as you want and a photo but not have that info show up on the page a reader sees if they click on your name?

    Just trying to understand the logic. That page shows the description of me from the Gravatar profile but only the one URL from the Personal Settings.

    What I would like is for a reader who reads their blog and clicks on my name to be able to go to either my blog or my work website, both equally important.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi There!

    You can go to and edit your profile and add both of your websites url’s and then grab your profile link and have that link linked to your name instead of your blog this way when someone clicks your name they are given the option to check out both of your sites from your Gravatar profile,,,

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