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help me : Why is my widgets bar on the bottom of page?

  1. Could anybody help me,why is my widgets bar not on the right side of page,it's on the bottom !!!
    I can't understand
    Anyone help me now,thank a lot

  2. It's possible that one of your images are to large. That's the most common reason the side bar gets moved out of place.

    resizing your larger pictures to fit the width of the post might help.

  3. There are other possible reasons, too - see here:
    After seeing your blog, I can say it's most likely bad use of the "more" command. Can you locate that or need help with it? (Read the FAQ first.)

  4. Pictures in Posts or in Bar?

  5. @tieuthany: Read the FAQ, please! If you click on the title of each post, you'll see that the sidebar gets back in place. So it's not the pictures, it's the "more" tag.

  6. Thank 4 all of your help ! I found the "problem post" ! and I had fixed it
    Thank again and again

  7. You're welcome (and I'm impressed you found it so fast)!

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