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Help me with any suggestions and advice (also i'm plugging) please.

  1. 13thfloorgrowingold

    Suggestions and advice welcomed:
    I have been sick for the last few weeks and got so bored after awhile and made a blog.I'm glad I did.Its helped pass a lot of free time,I'm pretty unfamiliar with the whole blogging thing so if anybody reads this any suggestions and advice are welcomed.Whether it's on my general layout and how the blog looks.If you liked the content.I just want to know how it holds up as far as appearance and content compared to others.And any suggestions or advice you have to make it better would be great to.

    I have a lot of different things on the blog.I'm pretty eclectic as far as music so theirs a lot of music themed posts. Theirs anything from rock,hip hop spanish music,etc.I also posted posts on such topics as art,photography,recipes,poetry,films,tv,beautiful women,and more.I haven't written in years and just stopped partying heavily for about the same time.So I'm rusty and am in the process of strengthening the brain cells I still have.But I'm trying.So if a post doesn't have anything original from me I was foggy headed at the moment.

    Let me know what you think.

    Thank you

  2. It is really layed out nice. There aren't as many differences as you might think. It combines forms of inspiration. many people will connect with your blog.

    My advice, if you are as passionate about music as you seem, then crtique new music, old music, tell us how certain music impacted your life and why etc .

    or you could really just post what you find interesting

    just my 2 cents

    PS I am jealous that you figured out how to get the navigation bar at the top.

    If you are ready to, in the off toipic section they have a post called review the blog above you. Give that a try too, you give an honest opinion and someone else will give you one.

  3. 13thfloorgrowingold

    Thank you.I appreciate the feedback.

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