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    Please help me fix my image.
    I have just published a post and even though I had reduce the size of the image…it still goes back to it’s original size :(

    What should I do to make them stay on their smaller size.


    The blog I need help with is




    Hi there,
    Please check the size set here > Settings > Media



    it usually work just by resizing it from the post…did WP change the easy way to a more difficult one now?


    Hey – how did you end up fixing this? Am having similar problems!


    hi all. I have just posted a similar question, which I will paste again below. As a temporary fix have been manually altering the sizes within the HTML, once it appears in the post.

    Eg I wanted my image to be medium sized, 200×300. I selected this option but it appeared on the post as much larger.

    So the HTML I got was this:
    [caption id="attachment_894" align="alignleft" width="428"]<img src=”″ alt=”De-scaling a fish for dinner, Cabo de la Vela ” width=”428″ height=”640″ class=”size-large wp-image-894″ /> De-scaling a pargo fish for dinner, Cabo de la Vela. Bear Grylls eat your heart out.[/caption]

    I manually changed the numbers dictating the size, plus replaced ‘large’ for ‘medium’ so it looked like this instead
    [caption id="attachment_894" align="alignleft" width="200"]<img src=”″ alt=”De-scaling a fish for dinner, Cabo de la Vela ” width=”200″ height=”300″ class=”size-medium wp-image-894″ /> De-scaling a pargo fish for dinner, Cabo de la Vela. Bear Grylls eat your heart out.[/caption]

    It worked, but I notice it is not possible to open some of my images by clicking on them within the post.
    However it looks okay.
    The way images are uploaded on my blog seems to have changed since last weekend. I am trying to upload photos but they are appearing in massive sizes even when use my usual selection of medium.
    I am selecting ‘ link to: media file’ and ‘size: medium 300×200’.
    However this is the HTML that appears, which has the wrong sizes and is linking to an ‘attachment page’.

    [caption id="attachment_894" align="alignleft" width="428"]<img src=”″ alt=”De-scaling a fish for dinner, Cabo de la Vela ” width=”428″ height=”640″ class=”size-large wp-image-894″ /> De-scaling a pargo fish for dinner, Cabo de la Vela. Bear Grylls eat your heart out.[/caption]

    I fixed another image by manually playing around with the HTML but obviously that’s not satisfactory. What’s going on? Any pointers appreciated. Thanks
    Paula Dear

    The blog I need help with is



    what?? we have to deal with html now? this is outrages!!

    I can’t believe they are making things difficult now :(

    ussualy, when something wrong happens to images, I just drop a plea here and they will fix it up…I am still hoping they will fix it up as I often get dizzy seeing html mode


    I know, it is so frustrating. I’ve never used this forum, but I was also hoping that it was monitored by someone with the power to do something about it and fix this glitch. There is another thread on this too, the one I started yesterday, and a few people have come in saying they have the same issue.



    maybe the new uploading format is the cause. Sometimes I wonder why WP keeps changing things that are already comfortable for everyone



    Hi there bokunosekai,

    Can you tell me which of the images in that post are misbehaving?

    As you may or may not be aware, we are constantly updating our software so that it’s safe, fast, efficient and is easy to use. Of course we would never make it a requirement for a user to have to rely on using HTML to workaround a problem if we can provide an easier solution.

    We have lately been working a lot on the media (images, videos, audio) and media uploader, so you may be seeing some residual effects from that – that is why it will be helpful to know which images are causing problems for you. I see that you’re not on the most up-to-date version of Firefox, so you may want to upgrade because that can definitely affect your functionality.

    Thank you for your patience, and hopefully with a little more information we can get this untangled for you!



    hi Zandy,
    well…since it seemed that I didn’t get any help at that time and I hate huge image hanging around in my blog too long…so I did the only thing I can, deleted all the images in the blog and resized them using photoshop and uploaded it again.

    all the images are now at the right size.

    Thank you for finally take notice…I just hope next time I blog, it wont cause problem again


    Hi Zandy

    Perhaps you can help me?

    The Saem Mint Foot Treatment Mask review

    The third image down I resized to be 400 pixels wide, yet it is still showing up as 500 pixels (the full width of the column). In the HTML, it also says the width is 400 so I can’t work out how to change it to actually display at being this size?




    Hi zandyring,

    It is on all sorts of documents: word, powerpoint and excel in addition to the images. These is truly frustrating!! All of the documents/images are jumping to the top of the page regardless of where the cursor is located.



    I have the same problem as Micha7 :(

    That’s the reason why I don’t use blogspot anymore…the photo wont stay where the cursor is



    Hi all (bokunosekai, mcmicha7, rachelmarywrites),

    First, I know it’s really frustrating when things aren’t working, so I want to apologize to each of you – I’m so sorry. We’ll try to get everything untangled here, and hopefully everything working smoothly as quickly as possible!


    I’m sorry you felt your last resort was to delete the images. That’s double frustrating, I’m sure! I’m also sorry you didn’t get a reply in a timeframe that worked for you. We’re always working on our response time, and clearly we didn’t meet your need.

    Mcmicha7 and Bokunosekai,

    In regards to the image insert problem, this appears to be a problem specific to Firefox 16. If you can, upgrading to Firefox 17 seems to solve the problem. Another workaround is to insert images in Text mode, by clicking the Text tab next to the Visual Editor tab.

    Updates on this issue will be posted here:


    As of a recent media update, the images must be resized in your media library first:

    This type of functionality from the post is a priority for the next update, which will be coming down the line before long. So in the meantime, you will need to edit those images from your media library.


    Please let me know of any further questions!



    Using the text mode doesn’t help with the image insertion, at least on my blog ( I guess I will try to update my browser since I use Firefox. Is there any issue with Internet Explorer?



    The two browsers we recommend are Firefox and Chrome. The latest versions of most other browsers (including IE) should work fine, too, but we focus our main efforts on those two. As long as you’re using the latest version of your preferred browser, you shouldn’t be seeing issues. But let us know if you are!



    Still not working in Firefox. Seems to be working fine in IE. I will download Chrome when I get to my home computer and see if it works any better.



    Hi Zandyring,
    IE and Chrome work so slow in my pc, I dont know why, only firefox works well … so I guess I have to upgrade my firefox if I want the image to stay in the cursor like before.

    How bout the image size? there are images I want to stay big when people click it but small in the post.



    A fix was recently deployed to help with both those image problems, but you should still run the latest versions of browsers to ensure that you won’t encounter any strangeness. It’s safer for your computer, too, to run the latest versions as the browser makers build in security fixes.

    Novroz – could you link to a specific post? This should work for you when you insert an image – you can select what size you want it to be in the post when you insert it into the post, and then clicking on it will either take the viewer to an attachment page or to the image by itself, depending on what you choose in the insert media dialog box.


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