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Help me with this man.

  1. Hello WordPress.I was wondering if you could help me. My name is Brownsugher1. I was given a website from a boy I know on Club penguin, which is I am not the original owner but I help run the website. He doesn't take part in the website at all. But lately I have been getting very rude and immature comments on my website. This man called Unknown was saying negative things about my friends and I. Lately he has been saying very violating information on my website. My dad and I went on and found that the IP address was the same one from the person who created the website. I decided to contact you for further information on this abuse. I hope that you can tell this man the federal laws for commenting discriminating comments. Attached below I put half of the comments he has left. Also he hacked onto the website and ruined everything.

    Thank you -Brownsugher1

    If you are ok with it, then why are you gonna tell your dad or even writing about it.

    I’m never leaving the website and you are an idiot for thinking you can send me to prison. I guess I can expect it from a dumbass like you.

    Hey I’m back too! And es , Istill think u r a dumbass bitch

    meant yes fuker


    annddy27 is right. the website is all bout u brown / bitch.

    well i guess u r a stuck up faget who has no life except on a computer.

    plus: o u got a boyfriend. i feel sorry for him. and i bet if ur his boyfriend, u might wanna get him checked out to make sure he doesnt have a disease

    Ok I read it again and I realize how you can get mad but I know your not gonna change schools just because of a party. What the

    hell is wrong with your tiny fucked up brain? If your mad then take it out on something besides a person. I’m sure Cuttie31girl

    is very pissed at you and it’s your fault. Good job! Also I’m sure she wants you to fuck yourself. You should. Man you are a

    bitch. This is a live website. Anyone can go on it and see what you put. Now people are gonna hate her. You don’t understand that

    the internet is a live place. Millions of people go on it every day. Take it off or lose a friend. I want you to know that I was

    helping you for what I just said.

    Not scary. What kinda fuking name is Chungpow?

    The thing looks fucked up


    once again u r a DUMB ASS.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Bad news: it's not illegal to swear at people.

  3. Good news: you can swear back at him.

  4. Raincoaster, you are permitted to swear in the great state of Montana. Well, as long as you say "Shoot" and "Dang nab it."

  5. Ah, thank you. I learn so many things in this forum.

  6. more good news: Its a fedaral crime to hack!

  7. Who hacked what?

  8. Nobody hacked anything. You know how penguins are with the whole drama issue...

  9. Hack, as in hacking up a fur ball? Not illegal, just a little queasy.

  10. He he. No I ,mean "hack" as in, figuring out another persons password, or something like that."

    That was funny though!

  11. hahahahaha

  12. Are you sure you didn't mean 'hack' as in hack someone to pieces? because i'm fairly certain that is also illegal...

  13. ehmagawd that's a loooooooooot of swearing!!!

  14. wow

  15. AMG sumone was mean and swore on teh internetz?!?!?! SOCIETY IS COMING APART AT THE SEAMS!

  16. So I just joined this site...and this is the first topic I see? Hahaha.

  17. good news: u can just delete the comments

  18. ...I'm still snorting and laughing at membracid's insect genitalia post. Good stuff!

  19. kstafford ...I'm still snorting and laughing at membracid's insect genitalia post. Good stuff!

    Me too, nice one,

    Wadesclub... Does it matter in terms of the universe.........

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