Help! Missing Post Title on Blog and Dashboard?!?

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    Though readers are able to view and follow the links for the post fine, the post title is missing from the blog when I visit. Also, the “read more” link does not show up. It’s as if I have been locked out of my own post. Trying on the Dashboard, I found that the blog title was blank. Under the Top Posts and other Stats, the title does not appear (enabling me from entering the post).

    I am able to edit the post by following Manage>Posts and selecting the post title (this is the only place it appears). The status column does not show “Published”, “Pending Review”, or anything. It is also blank. I have tried re-saving and re-publishing. I have signed out and back in. The post is still locking me out. I was able to access the post just 1 hour earlier.

    Please help. I am unable to comment or access the post at all.




    “Trying on the Dashboard, I found that the POST title was blank.”
    “…the title does not appear (STOPPING me from entering the post).”


    I feel like I’m talking to myself… but I also noticed that 2 of the tags on the post are not appearing. “Ads” and “Advertising”. The title of the post is “Insulting, Godless Ads”. After tag searching for other posts tagged with “Ads”, I found that those tags also do not show. The tags appear like this:

    Tags: Happy, Random, Marketing, , , Posts, Funny, ,

    As if the tags are blocked.


    thanks for the help everyone. i figured it out.

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