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HELP!!!!!! My blog has been deleted and not by me

  1. catnipsfelineadvicepage

    My blog has been deleted and not by me. I tried clicking on my blog today and it says the authors have deleted this blog. I am horrified. It has taken me two years to build this blog. What has happened?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just changed my password

  3. And before anyone kindly suggests I check who had access to my account. No one did. No other persons were admin and my password was very secure (now changed). I had many posts on my blog and I am really upset that this may all be lost. Can someone please flag this to see if admin at WordPress can get any of my files back or assist me in any way to find out who could have done such a thing?

  4. I'll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

    If the content was indexed by Google then you can copy and paste from their cache.

    If anyone is posting anything to your blog then you have provided them with the ability to do so either deliberately by adding them as official users, or by allowing them access to your login information, or by posting content that makes it easy for them to guess what your log-in information is.

    Go to your email program immediately and change the password to a very difficult one because that's how many hackers gain access to blogs.

    1. If you can log-in go here > Users > All Users and delete any user that does not belong there.

    2. Disable post by email >

    3. Disable post by voice >

    4. Change your blog password to a very difficult one >

    5. Use a secure, encrypted connection to connect to your Dashboard. Under Users → Personal Settings, check the box that says “Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages, and click Save Changes.

    6. Set up two step authentication

    Then read this please knowing that blogs don't get hacked when security protocols are followed. >

  5. re: my third paragraph above
    The same goes for anyone getting access to your blog and then deleting it. That can't happen without them guessing or knowing what your Admin login information is. There is no recycling of deleted blog URLs here.

  6. Thanks for your reply.

    No one knew my log in details except me so that is extremely odd and worrying. I have tried doing a google search for cache'd blogs and everything has been deleted. I am really distraught that this can happen. I have now changed my password to my email account linked to WordPress and my wordpress account. Does this mean everything is gone for good?

  7. It appears that nine months ago you (or someone who had access to your user account) renamed your user account catnipsfelineadvicepage from catnipslondoncatsitter and chose to rename your blog to match the new username.

    The site appears to be functioning normally and has blog posts dating back to January 2012.

  8. catnipsfelineadvicepage

    wow.. it's there!!! I'm very confused. It was me that changed the account name but every time I clicked on the link it said deleted so scratching my head!!

    Thank you so much for your help. I am very happy now!!!


  9. You're very welcome!

  10. I have a similar problem. I am an instructor in a media lab. is a private group blog for my classes, with a shared username and password. One of my confused students apparently in the last 24 hours removed my email address as the owner of this blog and replaced their email address as the owner, so I can no longer access the blog. Can you please restore the email address that owned the blog 48 hours ago so I can regain access? My email address registered with the site was [email redacted] . I could access it yesterday but not today. Other students also can no longer access the site.

  11. @jimbuie, it looks like someone may have gained access to your email account. Please immediately change your password on that account to a new, strong password:

    It's also possible that someone has accessed your email from a computer in a public space or for which others have shared access, so you should ensure that you log out of your account whenever you are using such a computer.

    If it's an academic account, you may also wish to discuss this with your IT staff.

    Once you have changed your email password, please let me know.

  12. Ok, I've changed my email password. I don't use public computers but it's possible a student did so when logged into the blog.

  13. @jimbuie, thanks. I will contact you via email (at your jimbuie account).

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