HELP!!! My blog has been deleted without my permission

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    I’ve already posted here but they’re taking too long with my request. It’s not right. I’m sat here with no blog, but can get on to the top right hand tab to see my notifications?

    Quite odd really. I would like to delete my blog for good and start fresh as I’m sick of waiting, but I can’t even delete it? Yet people can still see my posts on Reader? I would like to keep the same email address but obviously won’t be able to make a new one without deleting it properly!?

    The blog I need help with is



    Posting duplicate threads is not in your best interest as it takes longer to get help when you do. return to this thread and wait patiently for Staff to help you there.


    At this rate I will leave this website and blog elsewhere, it’s ridiculous how long you are making me wait!



    You have a spelling issue in the URL and I’m not making you wait. I am a Volunteer and without Volunteers you would be waiting for much longer for a response of any kind at all. In fact Staff serve over 38 million bloggers and do so very well. Subscribe to the other thread and you will be notified when Staff respond in it.



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