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Help my blog went crazy

  1. Help. I posted some posts and now my blog looks crazy. all my catagories are all the way down in the blog and the layout is weird. The 'middle color bar', where my posts are, is gone. I dont understand this... looks like an error or something. you can see the problem here:


    it is ok again. I dont know why, but it looks fine now. thanks for your attention, but nevermind. grtZz!

  3. Eghrrr... and now its weird again. :<

  4. help... please...

  5. what was the last post where your blog looked good?

    I'm asking because we can take it from there and determine what in your new posts might be messing up your blog.

  6. the last post where my blog still looked good was 'Sample madnesS EP 06 : Trap to skiLL you' on january 20th 1999 (I actually posted it today, but i use these dates to create my archive of projects).

    hopefully you can find the bug. thank you!!

  7. I think I posted a post a couple of times, beacuse the browser seemed to freeze. When the blog started to look weird I deleted those posts. At a certain point it looked ok again, but when I posted 'Sample madnesS EP 07 : RuLeR o/d breakZz' on september 5th 1999, it looked weird again.

  8. One more question, are you writing your text in Word first and then paste it into the WP editor?

  9. some of the text is generated by Flickr ('blog this' option) and some texts I set up in Apple's TextEdit first before I paste them in the WP editor.

  10. I have to leave the studio now. I'll be back in an hour.
    thanks again for helping me!

  11. Don't let Mark see that blog. He has a thing against 80+ posts on the front page. :)

  12. You know, the code seems okay. However, I don't like the way your tracklists are being listed. You should be using HTML entities for the bullets. Putting that aside, there's another thing that calls my attention, your tag: "---> ALL PROJECTZz".

    I don't know if you know this but, in HTML when you're closing a comment, you use: -->, although you have one dash too many in your arrow, the software might thing you're closing a comment that was never open. That could be one reason.

    Right now, I can't promise you to keep looking at your code, at least till later tonight. What I'd suggest you to do is: Try removing that 'arrow' from your category. If that doesn't fix it, start debugging your blog starting from the first post your blog started looking weird. How? it's gonna be kinda painful but that's the only way I can think of right now, unless someone else comes with a better solution:

    Set to draft all your post from "ChaosS funk" up. Since, up until "Sample madnesS EP 06 : Trap to skiLL you" your blog looked good, the layout should be fixed. Then, set to published "ChaosS funk" and check your blog. If it looks good, set to published the next post and so on until it looks weird. When the last post that you set to published messes up your blog, then that is the post messing up your blog.

    I hope I made sense.

  13. ok. thanks. I'll start now. if you find some time to check the code some more than I would be very thankfull. I have no experience with HTML, but a lot of my friends do, so I check them for advice on how I can translate the bullets and find an alternative for the arrow. tanks again.
    grtZz, j.

  14. You've fixed your blog! cool!

  15. yes! thank you very much!

  16. Just for reference, what fixed it? was it the arrow?

  17. no. I deleted the last post I made. I dont know what is the problem was in that post, if I find that out than I'll let you know. now I'm going to post it again but than rewrite it. I cleaned the rest (the arrows and the bullets) but that wasn't what caused the problems.

  18. no. i haven't found anything... I rewrote them and now everything is allright, so Im happy :) thanks!

  19. nope, your blog is still screwy, atleast in IE7. Try reducing the number of posts you have displayed to something more realistic, such as 5 or 6. Having a tone of posts like that on your first page maybe whats throwing the formating off.

  20. oops. ok... on Apple it looks good. I'll check that... thanks!

  21. the other downside to having so many posts is loading time. It takes forever for it to load, and people with slowr connections probably wont hang around waiting for it.

  22. yes. I see... thanks.

  23. Have you tried changing to another theme to see if it resets itself. If it does then its the theme that has a problem. From what i can see your coloms are to narrow.

    Oh, and it still looks wrong in IE7

  24. it still looks wrong in IE7? that suprises me. I changed the amount of posts on the front page.
    I will check the horizontal colom size.

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