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help, my bullet points are huge!!

  1. Ok, I've been on a bit of a wild goose chase looking around the internet for this for a while now - and I'm still none the wiser...

    In my post-editing window I am creating a bullet-point list within the post, ie:

    What is my BUDGET?
    WHO will be using this equipment?
    HOW will they/you be using it?

    IN THE EDITOR these bullet points are perfectly sized, with each one fitting inside a lower case 'o' - magic... however, when I view the post on my page, the bullet points are now MASSIVE!! (ie the FULL height of the block capital text to the right of it).

    All I want are small bullets - can anyone help me?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can't really help unless we can see an example. I changed my test blog to the theme you are using and put in an unordered list and the bullets are small squares which is how the theme designer designed it.

  3. hold on, ill do a test post - the post i'm working on now is far from finished lol

  4. hmm.. i suspect it may be an ie problem. im at home using firefox now and it looks just fine. when i looked at it on a different machine earlier using internet explorer the bullet points were ridiculously over-sized - but they seem to be fine now :s how bizarre

  5. I have the same issue. The 2010 Theme bullets look good in Chrome, but are many times bigger in IE. All the IE browsers I have tried (several computers) seem to show the same problem.

    Is there a way to fix/influece the IE display? It's bad enough my words make me sound like a fool, I don't need my bullets to shoot me down too!

  6. There's a free cross browser compatibility testing site you can use here >

    You can use Firefox as your browser and download the Web Developer Toolbar or Firebug add-ons, which allows you to edit stylesheets on a live page.

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  8. themeatlockersports

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  10. On the browser display issues: Every browser is going to render things a little differently, and IE (who is surprised) does the poorest job of rendering things accurately. It has always distorted things. Sad but true. Perhaps IE9 will be better. I have hope.

  11. themeatlockersports

    thank you for such great advice!

  12. Ummm ... you're welcome. :)

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