Help! My designer is flaking out on me and I can’t access my site

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    Ok, so I hired a very talented (but flakey) designer to customize my site for me. She’s 95% done but won’t answer my emails and doesn’t seem to be finishing it. I need this site done asap. (it’s for my business) The domain name is registered to me, but she’s been the one customizing the wordpress site. Is there any way for me to get the password and try to figure it out myself?

    I really am panicking and don’t know what to do.




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    I wouldn’t trust my closest family members with my password.



    Me either.


    I’m always telling women behind the scenes don’t let anyone control anything that has your name, don’t give anyone your password, buy your domains & never allow anyone to handle the account, and so on and so on. But the usual “he’s nice and I trust him”.

    **bangs head**

    Then I run down a dozen names of other women and how they trusted the wrong people too.

    But the usual AGAIN “he’s nice and I trust him”.

    **bangs head harder**



    I’ve heard every horror story there is to hear. And yes I do have had ***head desk*** moments when those who ignored my advice had a sob story to tell.



    Not all of us web developers/designers are unprofessionals, you know. Just sayin’.



    So true … you must be wonderful to work with. :)


    /nod to devblog.



    Take legal action….



    I hope you haven’t finished paying her… If you are in the UK, the Small Claims Court might be worthwhile – though the first thing is to write to her, formally, and get a receipt of delivery. I’d also try phoning and going round to visit her in person.



    The OP posted this yesterday at Jun 13, 2010, 9:14 AM and never returned to the thread. The domain in question is not a wordpress.COM sub-domain not it does not appear to be being domain mapped by wordpress.COM.

    Perhaps we ought to stop bumping this thread so it leaves the front page open for wordpress.COM bloggers who do have support issues.

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