Help! My header is off center after widening the content box!

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    Hey guys,
    I’ve been checking around the forums for a solution to my problem, but so far haven’t found anything. I am using the theme Chaoticsoul, which is very narrow and has small print size. I paid for the font and CSS customization upgrade, and have since been able to increase the print size and widen the content and sidebar boxes very satisfactorily. However, after widening, My header image has become stuck on the left-hand side, and I don’t know how to center it again! =/

    Here is my site:

    I am very new to the CSS world, and hope that my problem can be resolved with a quick fix. Can anyone lend a hand and dumb it down a bit for me?

    [UPDATE: Long code block removed by staff to keep forum posts short and easy to read.]

    The blog I need help with is


    This will center the image.

    #header-image {
    text-align: center;

    Thank you!
    It worked like a charm! =D


    You are welcome, and in the future, there is no need to post all your CSS code. We can see that using the web inspector or firebug in our browsers. Having long blocks of code in the forums makes navigation more challenging.

    If you have questions about a specific bit of code though, then by all means include it.


    Hi again,
    I was wondering if anybody knows how to fix the CSS so that I can insert a wider header image?

    I have set the header widths that I can see on the code to 1060, but it doesn’t let me add an image that wide. =’o

    I have made a new image with a width of around 1060 by 151 pixel size which i would like to insert, but when I go to add a header image it automatically forces me to crop it to 760 by 151 pixel size.

    If you know how to help me out, any aid would be appreciated. And please remember you are speaking to a real CSS beginner.

    Thank you!


    Hi, blairbourassa: I think this might be the problem I am having. My header image will not expand to the entire width of my blog. I see this thread is labeled as “resolved.” Did you figure it out?!



    Note that all CSS editing is theme specific and blairbourassa is using the ChaoticSoul theme while you are using Minimum.


    I am also new to CSS. I figured out how to add height to my header, but now cannot add an image. I can upload a photo, but am then forced to crop it to the original header size defeating the purpose of my height change, and when I preview the change nothing appears. I am using K2-lite. Please help! Thanks!



    Note that all CSS editing is theme specific and blairbourassa is using the ChaoticSoul theme while you are using K2 Lite. Please start your own thread by clicking this link >


    Hello timethief,
    I have seen you around the forum quite a bit and you seem pretty CSS savvy. Do you have any idea if I can widen my header?
    Please let me know if you do.
    Thank you,


    @blair, you can create a header the width and height you want and then when you upload it, click the “use as is” button and your image will be used in the size you uploaded. WordPress just recently added the custom header size feature.


    Hm… I tried it and saw the “save as is” button beside the “crop and publish” button, but only once. I uploaded the wrong image. Then, when I went to do it again, the “save as is” button disappeared… = ‘ \
    Oh well, I’ll try again later to see if it comes back.


    Nope… The “Save as is” button seems to be gone forever. =/

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