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Help!!! My hyperlinks have turned to text!!!

  1. All the hyperlinks in my WordPress Posts have turned into text descriptions, i.e. LINK.
    Did I do something to cause this?
    How can I fix it?
    E-mail me at
    [email removed, please don't feed the spambots]
    with the subject line "Wordpress."

    The blog I need help with is

  2. sfmng
    NEVER put your email address into a public forum. You will be overwhelmed by spam botsj!!!

  3. Address was removed and duplicate topics deleted. It would also help if you could give us a link to your blog where that's happening, thanks.

  4. @vanillalounge: He's got a gallery, with image descriptions that include links. The correct description of the problem is that the attachment pages are ok, but the main post displays the html of the descriptions.

  5. Saw it. Looks like html is being converted to html entities. I know that it is possible to add some html to individual image captions (i.e. not in a gallery). However, as the gallery is actually inserted with a shortcode, html gets stripped (including formats like "em" and "strong")

  6. This whole email in public places and spambots thing, is that actually still true? I have eight gmail accounts going into one and at least two of them have been posted fully in highly visibly places yet I only receive about 50-100 spam comments a day..

  7. carocat

    If you are happy with "50 - 100" spam comments per day as a result of publicly posting your email, then that is fine. I assume that you are aware of that probability, and you will get them and enjoy deleting them, or otherwise know how to cope with them.

    But there are lots of people who naively post emails in these forums. And really, no reputable volunteer will answer a question here on these forums via email. It's best not to leave the emails open.

  8. Tess, yeah, we definitely don't answer by email.

    I was merely pondering as it's one of those 'avoid at all costs' things. I don't find 50-100 comments across eight highly used email accounts not bad at all, especially seeing that they all but maybe 1/week end up being caught in spam folder.

    Maybe the spam catching's become more sophisticated or something..

  9. Carocat, I think we are essentially in agreement. But it's not good to encourage people to put email addys in a public forum.

    The little site I maintain for work gets only about four hundred hits per week and even with those low number of hits, I deal with a dozen or so spam emails. It seems like there used to be a higher percentage of spam emails there, so perhaps the filters on that email are really getting better.

    I'm sure the number of views here in the forum is much higher, and would result in many more spam emails. They may be mostly harmless, but still a pita to deal with.

  10. Yeah, I think we are in agreement!

    And I never meant to encourage, just wanted some more thoughts on it really.

    Let's commence 'thread back on topic' modus, shall we? ;)

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