HELP! my page changed without me making any changes

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    HELP! All of a sudden my the font on my changed changed to italics and I didn’t do it! I keep going in to customize and don’t know how to make it look like it did before.

    The blog I need help with is



    Also, the customize page looks right, but my actual page is showing the italics. I don’t get it.



    Fonts do not suddenly change to italics unless you have an open italic tag that has not been closed. This does not happen unless

    (1) content has been imported into the blog

    (2) the blogger has been copying and pasting content from elsewhere, without using either icon 5 or icon 6 in Row 2 of the visual editor

    (3) or the blogger has copied and pasted invalid HTML into a text widget or left an HTML tag open

    After you go here and enable this > Settings > Writing
    _ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically
    “save changes”

    You probably have a copying and pasting issue.
    For every open HTML tag like
    there must be a close HTML tag like

    See here for sorting this out >



    Oh no! I did it again. I did not notice this thread was in the CSS Forum. I’m sorry. Please wait for another Volunteer to assist you.



    Hi timethief. I tried all of your suggestions and they didn’t solve the issue. This italics issue has affected the entire blog, all posts, the description below my title, and the text below the widgets. I don’t know who to fix it. It looks fine in Firefox, just IE is the italics version.
    Also, when I go into the “customize” screen, it looks perfect in IE, it’s just the actual page when I load it does not match.



    I did not notice this thread was in the CSS Forum. I’m sorry. Please wait for another Volunteer to assist you.


    I just checked and and the text looks like it’s not in italics.

    Were you able to fix the issue on your own?

    It sounds to me like a misplaced HTML tag (like timethief suggested) but it’s possible it was caused by your custom CSS too—I can’t tell since it already looks fixed to me.

    Let me know your browser and browser version if you’re still having any trouble.



    I’m sorry :( (she said from under a large rock)


    No worries at all!! I was jut making a note to say that I tested it. Whatever the problem was might not have even been CSS-related at all (can’t tell unless I can reproduce the issue). I figured the OP may have fixed it on their own because I couldn’t see the problem they described, and that’s why I posted again to ask for more details.

    timethief, all of your answers on this one were spot on!



    I have IE and the issue still is happening there. Although in Firefox it’s fine. So strange. I have done some custom CSS, but the issue started a bit after I made any changes, so not sure what caused it. I cleared my cache and cookies, no change. Still weird italics. I guess i’ll just manage my page on Firefox going forward!
    Thanks for jumping in and trying to help….



    I am using IE10 and it is still showing as italics to me. oh well. i’ll just manage on Mozilla going forward.


    I tested using IE10 on Windows 8 with (a testing service), and I don’t see italics everywhere.

    Here is my test:

    I checked the home page at was that where you are seeing the italics?

    Does anyone else in the forums have IE10 who can check to see if all the text is showing up as italicized at ?

    Are you using IE10 in compatibility view mode? If you are, can you try turning that off?



    I figured it out. It is an icon that looks like a broken piece of paper up in the browser, next to the refresh. I had hit it by accident, and it messed up the view. I clicked back on and now it’s fine.

    Thanks All!


    Aha! That sounds like compatibility view mode. :)

    Thanks for posting back with an update.

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