Help! My photos are duplicating themselves!

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    Hi, i hope some one can help me. I recently was uploading some photos and found that i had reached my limit of uploading. This really suprised me as last time i had checked i was only at 22%. When i looked at the photos that i had uploaded, it showed that some photos has uploaded more times than i had wanted and some were ever duplicated 10 or more times. Now i have used 99 pages of photos (in the uploading box) and it wont let me upload any more and it’s pretty critical for my site.

    I have started using Windows Live Writer and i think that this must have something to do with it.

    You can see the site at, i hope some one can help me asap.




    Sounds like something went wrong on the back end, so send a Feedback to staff with all the details in it. They can hopefully fix it. I haven’t heard of a problem like this with Windows Live writer before; several people seem to use it with no issues.

    Meanwhile, might as well start deleting duplicates.



    I can delete some from here but all I have is the filename to go on.
    It’s obviously better that they can be seen before deletion but we have no other way apart from 1 by 1.


    Hi Mark,
    Yeah i know it’s a struggle but i need to get rid of them haha.

    I am happy to have the recent few posts photos deleted if that will resolve it?

    There are just a lot of duplicates with the same name. Can they be deleted?

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