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Help! My posts have disappeared!

  1. Hi, while all my posts are still listed under 'Published' in the dashboard, they're no longer visible on the front page - help!!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. raptorpersecutionscotland

    The same for this blog - all the posts have disappeared without warning:

  3. Thanks Raptor, sorry you're having trouble too, but I'm relieved it's not just my place!

  4. Ah, I see we're both using the Redoable Lite theme, looks like that might be the problem?

  5. I've tagged this for staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread from the sidebar so that you will see their response.

  6. Many thanks Jennifer.

  7. luckybastardalice

    Same problem here! Only the last one though

  8. same here, but apparently on only one of my blogs. still, all the posts are still available in my dashboard. weird stuff.

  9. Are you all using the Redoable Lite theme?

    If not, please say what theme you are using.

  10. I'm also on Redoable Lite and all my posts have disappeared too.

  11. raptorpersecutionscotland

    Yep, Redoable Lite.

  12. luckybastardalice

    I'm using the Visual theme

  13. I'm having the same issue with my blog, which uses Redoable Lite.

  14. @luckybastardalice We need the correct link please. The one linked to your username has been deleted.

  15. twowheelsnoclue

    Same problem here. Posts disappear, the comments remain. Kinda zen, actually.

    Redoable Lite theme as well.

  16. luckybastardalice

  17. @luckybastardalice-

    You will want to start a new thread as it appears your specific problem does not have to do with the current problem with Redoable Lite. When you do open a new thread, could you please give the name of the last post that is not appearing so that Staff can have a look. Thanks.

  18. charliesweatpants

    Just saw this thread, I'm having the same problem with Redoable Lite:

    Glad to know it's not just me. There was a weird traffic spike right before it went down and I was worried it had something to do with that.

  19. luckybastardalice


    thank you, I'll do it right away

  20. researchimpact

    We are having the same problem with our blog, which also uses Redoable Lite:

  21. One member has solved this by switching themes.

    Redoable Lite is one of 80 themes that was recently retired by (full list here). I would hate to think that this current glitch with that theme is's way of "encouraging" people to move on to a more updated theme.

    But I guess we will have to wait for a Staff reply as I've marked this for Staff assistance. If you haven't yet, please subscribe to this thread from the sidebar so that you will see their reply.

    Most importantly, please do not reply to this thread unless you have new information to give them as threads marked for Staff assistance are normally handled on an age basis (i.e. oldest first). Bumping it will push it further down in the wait list.

  22. I had the same issue. I switched out the theme as a quick fix and am back in business.

  23. Posts do not want to appear on the full web-version of WP and I\'m at a loss to explain why. A regular visitor to my blog alerted me to the problem, I checked it out and sure enough, is not working for me (on WIN7, latest version of IE). I tried clearing cache/cookies and tried a different browser (Firefox), but stil, the same thing. Also, I tried copying/pasting the content of my most recent update into a new post to no avail

    I\'ve gone into the Dashboard and my posts are all still there and visible, but they don\'t show up on the main page. Likewise, the content I\'ve uploaded to the library is still there too.

    The only way my blog is viewable right now, is via the mobile version on my phone. Would really appreciate some assistance! :(

  24. charliesweatpants

    Thanks for the information on the "retirement".

    I would hate to think that this current glitch with that theme is's way of "encouraging" people to move on to a more updated theme.

    That certainly doesn't sound much like WordPress or Automattic, but who knows?

    Can anyone else who is having this problem with Redoable Lite confirm that they are *NOT* seeing any weird traffic stats as well? My site has done a couple of thousand pageviews to Ireland today (50% of all pageviews from Ireland in the last 30 days have occurred today), but the number of unique visitors remains low. I have no idea what that is, and I'd like to ascertain whether or not it's related to the problem with the posts not appearing.

  25. Can't say I'm seeing weird traffic stats, they look to be normal enough today.

    So, we've established it's an issue with Redoable Lite?

    The problem with the quick fix is that some of us will have customized Redobale, so changing themes = a nightmare!

  26. Also using redoable lite and experiencing identical problems. Also, I suddenly have unusually high traffic from Pakistan.

  27. I'm also having this issue. I'm using Redoable Lite theme and my blog is

  28. I am having the same problem too. I freaked out that all my posts were not visible. I am using Redoable Lite theme.

  29. Just change your theme. I found a theme that is close enough and works fine, just search for Parament.

  30. Thanks inktronics, but because Redoable was easily enough 'customizable' I'm guessing a lot of people played around with it, meaning changing themes now would make the blog a mess - as I discovered :-(

    Pleeeeease WordPress, I know you're all volunteers and we appreciate your help, but pleeeeeease fix this. Thank you.

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