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Help! My posts have disappeared!

  1. traffic stops after that

  2. We are currently experiencing issues with the theme Redoable Lite. Our developers are actively investigating this issue and should have it resolved soon. In the meantime, if you wish to do so you can change to another theme:

  3. Have already changed, but want my redoable lite back

  4. I'm also having the same problem.

  5. Same issue here and same theme!

  6. I've been looking for an alternative for about 3 hours now to no avail as Redoable Lite is really one of the easiest themes to work with. It's "old" but my readers have been accustomed to this theme already and has been my "signature" look for many years now. I hope WordPress does not "kill" this theme.

    The pages work fine but the posts only appear on mobile themes.

  7. the same problem here with the same theme ... all posts gone=not visible

  8. Help
    my blog is gone lost stolen ..ok yeah im in panic mode
    hey, did we all say stuff about Syria Russia or China? hmmmm

  9. hamburgergeschichten

    Since eight hours my blog is down. I'am waiting for a fast solution....

  10. My blog content also disappeared and I use redoable lite theme too.

  11. I also had a spike in traffic.

  12. Please note that no one's posts are "gone." They just are not appearing properly in this theme.

    While we understand that many of you like this particular theme, in the short run it may be better to switch to a different theme so that people can see your posts. You should be able to return back to Redoable Lite once the issue has been fixed.

  13. Changing themes seems like a good option. However, none of the customization (ie. sidebar items or header ) shows. Is there a way to copy the customization?

  14. I did change Themes ... I like it

  15. changed to parament and looks good.

  16. yes, after changing themes my posts are back and if redoable lite comes back I might change back too .

  17. My posts have also disappeared :-(

  18. change your theme .... just temp or if redoable is not coming back ..but changing the theme works ... I had to customize it again

  19. Me too! my blog posts do not appear on the page. the right hand bar is there as well as the logo at the top, but the posts do not appear. If you use the left or right arrows to go to another post they still don't appear. They do show as published in Dashboard. Please Help!

  20. Excuse me for saying so, but many of us have invested heavily (in many ways) in our websites. This represents almost four years of almost-daily toil for me. My readership has come to depend on my blog.

    Why has WordPress customer service been so cavalier in informing us there is a problem and keeping us informed of developments?

    I have heard something of volunteers, etc., offered as an excuse. But this does not seem acceptable to me. I would pay any reasonable fee to not be put on the back-burner.

    Shouldn't we ask for more???

  21. raptorpersecutionscotland

    Thanks to the WordPress guys for fixing this glitch - my blog now back to normal with Redoable Lite theme :-)

  22. Redoable Lite is now working again. If you changed your theme, you can change it back (or you can keep your new one!). If your site does show the update, be sure to clear your browser cache or restart your browser:

    I apologize greatly for any inconvenience and stress the theme malfunction may have caused, and I appreciate your patience as our team worked on a fix.

  23. Thank you!

  24. charliesweatpants

    @jackiedana Thanks! You guys are the best.

    Any word on what was up with the weird traffic spikes that some of us reported?

  25. Thank you VERY much, really appreciate you getting this fixed.

  26. You're all welcome. :)

    Site stats would not have been related to this issue, unless they dropped because your site wasn't functioning normally.

    If you're having issues with your site other than the Redoable theme issue, please let us know in a separate thread.

  27. Thanks, as well, for fixing this problem. However, my questions about WordPress' customer service still stand.

    Why, for example, was customer service so quick to suggest changing themes without informing us of the one similar theme or that there would be conversion problems? I, for one, would have appreciated more guidance about the pros and cons of switching versus just waiting for a fix.

  28. @dandailey, as soon as we became aware of the problem, we had people working on a fix, and I did my best to keep you all updated and reassured. We did not expect the problem to persist for long, so we didn't offer additional solutions. Some people found alternate themes they liked, some waited it out.

    In the future, if something like this happens again, feel free to ask more questions, as I suggested in your own thread.

  29. I meant nothing personal by the questions, and believe me, I greatly value the WordPress service. But I am an old man and accustomed like so many people of my generation, to more hand-holding than WordPress provides. Regardless of the ages of your customers, I imagine that the anxiety at losing one's data was intensified by the WordPress practice of letting your users fend for themselves.

    I'm sure today was a bad one for you, too, and I thank you for your service.

  30. charliesweatpants

    Just wanted everyone to know that I started another thread for anyone who also experienced a weird traffic spike during yesterday's outage.

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