Help, my RSS lost its style!!!

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    So after using the CSS editor to edit the style of my blog:
    the RSS feeds (built into the un-accessible html) load unstyled with the following error message at the top:

    “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”

    I’d like to know how to get my style back……a lil help, anyone?



    RSS is ugly.
    It’s the way it is – check the Show link:



    It’s normal. Usually it’s the rss reader that pulls in the style from teh site. if you’re just loading in the RSS into a browser, you’re not going to get the style loaded as well. Some of the newestbrowsers will do it but the older ones won’t. For example, I don’t see the CSS style in IE6 or Netscape 7.2.

    RSS is designed to be machine read, not people read.



    drmike: thanks for the reply

    i guess i’m not exactly sure what you mean though…the rss feeds on your blog seem to be styled (blue bar at top). what is the difference between yours and mine?



    XML is a pure data format, it’s purpose is to transfer data and make sure it slots into the right box at the other end. The styling comes from the markup at the receiving end done by CSS and HTML……which is handled by the reader. The Sage extension for Firefox has a different look than Agregate for KDE (Linux) but they both use the same .xml data file, and display it in their own ways… it is, .xml is an ugly raw format….it’s not designed to be anything extra.



    What’s your seeing is your reader (whatever it is. May help if you told us what you’re looking at) reading the xml and displaying it how you see it. Here’s what XML is:

    Anything beyond that, it’s your reader making changes.

    What reader are you using anyway?

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