Help! My site and my admin dashboard disappeared completely! COMPLETE WHITE OUT

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    I have been spending hours trying to get a PDF embedded (Whole can of worms!) when out of nowhere the page in my browser went completely white! When I went to the site tab that I was using to see my updates it went completely white. They both seem to be gone…I don’t even have a place to start! I thought I was in so I tried to sign in… it didn’t recognize me at all! When I was able to sign into the interface was completely different causing me to think I was in I am new a this and totally discouraged after all the hours of work. When this happened I was trying to activate a PDF embed plug in. I thought I must have not hit it just right cause it didn’t activate so I clicked again and all white. if I plug the address in all I see is a white page. PLEEASE help? And, explain in terms a “Totally computer-lame-what on earth am I doing” kind of person will understand? THX!

    The blog I need help with is



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    If you crashed your site with a Plugin you have a WordPress.ORG install and need to make friends over there – you might need to make a new account there if you have never ask a question there

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