Help! My spacing keeps changing when I click update!

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    Hey, need to borrow someone’s brain! My PRINT PORTFOLIO page keeps mucking up the layout when I edit it. It’s been a bit tempramental before but I managed to get it sorted, now I’ve added some links and it’s going all weird! I just want one article below the next… any ideas?! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Blog editors are not word processors. You will get double spacing between paragraphs in every theme here of which I’m aware.

    If you hold shift and press enter that will create a standard break (no blank line). In graphic design/page layout, it is called a soft return.

    1. To get standard line spacing on paragraphs (blank line between paragraphs) select all the text in the post, click on the “format” pulldown at the left end of the lower row of icons and select paragraph.

    2. If you want a standard paragraph break, at the end of a paragraph, press return/enter.

    3. If you want no blank line, hold down shift and then press return/enter.

    Formatting poetry



    Though this is not related to your issue you may benefit from this article on the Structure theme.


    Hi timethief, thank you for your response. I’ve tried selecting the text and using PARAGRAPH and also hitting shift + return but I still cant get the articles spaced properly. Would you mind taking a look at the page, it looks crazy!



    Okay this is not a text spacing issue. It’s an image alignment and text wrapping issue. Edit the images and places the text for each image in the Image caption field for the image.


    You are using left alignment on the images. That means it will try to wrap whatever is after the image up to the right of the image until the space to the right of the image is all filled up. Left and right image alignment does wrapping. Center and none do not do wrapping.

    Set all your images to an alignment of “none” and they will appear in a single column down the page.


    YESSSSS!!!! Thanks thesacredpath, that has sorted it! And it was simple.. sorry.. feel completely stupid now!

    Thanks again.


    You are welcome, and not a problem. Not that many people know the differences between between image alignments.

    Also when inserting images like this, always make sure your cursor is on a blank line below the previous stuff so that the next image is placed into its own paragraph otherwise they can want to stack up going horizontally.



    I am having a spacing error, myself. When I hit publish, half of my standard paragraph breaks are no longer spaced? Anyone help me out? THANK YOU



    @mgeorgiana: If you mean you’re getting no paragraph breaks between paragraphs, highlight all the text in the Visual editor and select Paragraph from the Format tool (row 2 tool 1).


    @mgeorgiana, I can’t find it at the moment, but I seem to remember reading something about the editor that wordpress uses has an issue where after you do an ordered or unordered list in a post or page and then go back to standard “paragraphs” the editor will instead start using div tags around the paragraphs.

    Open your post in the editor, switch to the HTML tab and go down through your stuff and take out the opening and ending div tags and while in the HTML editor, put a blank line between the paragraphs.

    opening div tag: <div>
    closing div tag: </div>

    On other thing, at least until this issue is fixed, when you are going to be using an ordered or unordered list in a post, enter the list items as if each were a separate paragraph and then continue on with your writing. When you get done, go back and highlight the list items (paragraphs) and then click the ordered or unordered list button and it will then turn them into a list for you. That should keep it from causing this issue for you.



    Thank you! That worked! I appreciate you responding!


    You are welcome.

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