Help. My text widget disappeared.

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    I am currently setting up my blog – theme- Hemmingway Rewritten. I wanted to add badges in my side bar from the writer’s organizations I am a member of. I clicked on ‘Appearance’, clicked on ‘widgets’, and found ‘text widget’. Then I opened a second browser so I could copy the URL of a badge. When I returned to my dashboard to insert the information, I no longer had ‘text widget’ in the menu. Please advise.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there. To activate a widget you have to drag it from the widgets gallery/menu to one of your widget areas. Then you insert the necessary information and save the widget.

    If the badge you want to add is a simple jpeg, png or gif image, you might also be able to add it to an image widget. It’s a bit simpler than a text widget as you don’t need to use html in the image widget, and it allows you to also easily link the badge to another website.


    Thanks @kokkieh I’m not sure how this happened. I dragged my text widget to my sidebar, opened a new window to grab the URL of the badge I wanted to drop in, returned to my wordpress dashboard and the text widget had vanished. I already checked in inactive widgets with no luck. However, I was able to accomplish what I wanted using image widget as you suggested. Many thanks.



    I’m glad you got it working. I can’t think why that image widget would have disappeared – possibly opening a new window without saving the text widget cancelled it somehow. You should still be able to add new text widgets, though. Let us know if you have problems with this again.

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