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Help! My YouTube imbedded videos have all been replaced!

  1. All my You Tube video imbeds have been replaced with another video (same video)! I am fairly new to wordpress, everything was working fine, when all of a sudden today, all of my YouTube video imbeds have been replaced with Pee Wee Herman doing the voice over on the new Batman trailer.
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  2. Looking at your site, the YouTube video matches the post title. How are you embedding the video? The best way is to just put the URL in the post without a link. The oEmbed feature will automatically make the video appear. Try this method instead of the embed code that YouTube provides.

  3. No, I'd suggest that you start much simpler. It sounds like some kind of browser issue to me.

    One way to test if this is a problem with the embed or with is to try viewing your site on another computer. Preferably with a whole different network. The peewee may be in a cache on your browser or even on your router (assuming you are using a wireless network). Perhaps ask a friend to look.

    I'll say that I had no problem viewing the trailer and then got diverted to another YouTube with the end of the movieā€¦

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