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    Hi, I am new to WordPress and i am trying to make a website where the administrators can log in a separate CMS (NOT the WordPress one) and change content and gallery pictures. Is there a widget that does that?

    dont need them to be able to change any pages or the structure of the website but only the content of set pages and images.

    Thank you



    I’m afraid you won’t be able to do that at WordPress.COM. You will need a WordPress.ORG install in your own webspace.



    oh, didnt realise they were different. will i be able to find what i need on the org?


    Generally the administrators would log into the CMS separately since it would not be connected to a wordpress installation. Is what you are wanting is for someone to be able to have one login and then have access to wordpress and the CMS? If so, that is typically termed a “authentication bridge.” They can be problematic.

    Check with our CMS developer and see if there are any extensions or modules that will do that.



    yeah, I am making the website for my girlfriend but she doesn’t want the wordpress confusion, just a login to a simple “click and change” CMS so she can update the content text and a way to update the image galleries.


    You know, “simple” is typically a word you can use in the same sentence as “CMS.” I’m still not clear on what is wanted. Are you saying you want to use a CMS such as Joomla to post to wordpress?

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